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Tool and Die Engineering - Tool and Die Assistant

The product line Tool & Die Engineering (TDE) consists of 2 products – Method Planing Assistant (MPA) & Tool and Die Assistant (TDA) – both dedicated to the optimization of the Deep Drawing Process

Product details

Description :  

TDA maps complex 3D contours on complex sheetmetal components. The computation is based on the neutral fibre and considers all the material data (thickness, k-factor, orientation, minimum bend radius, etc..). 

Customer benefits :  

• fully integrated in CATIA-V5

• shortens individual process steps

• shorter overall process time to delivrery

• higher quality, thanks to more precise, more detailed and repeatable results

• less tool prototyping

• less tool error modifications

• fast amortisation (3-12 months)

• easy to learn (< 1 day)

• suitable for use in multiple industries

Available since :     Version 3.4.0 for CATIA V5 R20
DS prerequisite products :   CATIA V5 HD2 configuration (at least GSD)
Product languages :   English

Tool and Die Engineering - Tool and Die Assistant

Key Qualification Questions

1. Is your company involved in Sheet Metal Design?

2. Are you working with the technology “Deep Drawing”?

3. Do you want to simulate the deep drawing process with CATIA V5?

4. Did you ever think about mapping of complex 3D contours on complex sheetmetal components for the deep drawing process?

5. Are you interested in analyzing and optimizing the deep drawing parameters before manufacturing?

Target customers

All companies that design or produce sheet metal components using a deep drawing process.


TDE Reference List

Karmann Germany

Karmann Brasil

Chrysler USA

Mercedes Benz USA

Schuler Cartec Göppingen Germany

Voestalpine Polynorm (supporting among others BMW Germany)

M Plan (supporting among others Daimler, Volkswagen, BMW, Ford Germany)

PSW Automotive Engineering (supporting among others Daimler, Audi, VW, BMW Germany)

Waitkus Engineering (supporting among others Volkswagen, BMW Germany)

Keiper (supporting among others BMW, Daimler, Fiat, Ford, Volkswagen Germany)

CTK CAD-Technik (supporting among others Audi, Volvo, Karmann Germany)

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