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Product details

Description :  

A unique solution for improving Perceived Quality giving manufacturing companies the ability to simulate and visualise the impact of production variation and deformation in the digital design process. It reduces the need for physical prototypes, removing and reducing cost by the early identification of Perceived Quality issues and by avoiding the need for pre and post production rectification.


aesthetica innovates the process from concept to production by applying variation and deformation directly to the product geometry and presenting this in a high end visualization environment with realistic lighting and materials exactly as customers will see the finished product.


This enables Perceived Quality review teams to gain early insight and resolve fit and finish issues, improving the overall aesthetics and reducing dependence and cost on physical prototypes during the development phases. Significant benefits and savings are also achieved through improving collaboration and cross functional working and saving time by anticipating problems previously only found during the assembly of physical product.


Icona Solutions helps Automotive and Agritech OEM’s and Consumer goods designers/manufacturers (where Brand and quality is important) innovate their processes in concept, design, engineering and production departments by applying variation and deformation directly to the product geometry and presenting this in a high end visualization environment with realistic lighting and materials exactly as customers will see the finished product.

Customer benefits :  

Process and cost efficiency

- Shifts emphasis away from time-consuming physical prototyping

- Increases use of digital modelling and production processes throughout the product design-to-manufacturing lifecycle

- Avoids late discovery of costly issues in production

- Identifies and resolves critical engineering issues when cost of change is low

- Leads to fewer iterations of the model and increased manufacturing yield



- Provides common visual language, enabling designers and engineers to communicate more effectively

- Increases confidence by enabling manufacturing to be involved in the feasibility assessment at an earlier stage


Variation and visualisation

- Accurately shows fit and finish problems in manufacturing assembly

- Shows exactly what the customer will see when they first view the product

Available since :     V3.1
Product languages :   English only


Key Qualification Questions

For your customers, is their brand and quality important to them? If yes, ask some of the following to determine where they have the main issues, who within their organisation has the pian and who can resolve it...


1. Design/Concept

i. Do you have Perceived Quality and fit finish issues with your vehicles?

ii. What is your company doing to improve the Perceived Quality of your vehicles? 1. How would you identify the critical issues? 2. How would you resolve them early in the digital design process?

iii. Are you setting and verifying Perceived Quality targets through the vehicle development process? If not why not? 1. Who is setting the Gap and Flush targets? Where does the data come from? How is it achieved in Production? 2. Are the team able to visualise in high quality the results or targets? 3. Do you consider misalignments, tapers, see through conditions and flushness? 4. Are all the possible combinations of gap/flush, deformation, colour, lighting, environment considered?


2. Engineering

i. How long does it take to resolve your Perceived Quality/fit and finish issues? 1. What is the true cost? 2. How would your engineers gain insight to the real causes? 3. Are you easily able to identify solutions to problems? How?

ii. How do you simulate and visualise variation and deformation? 1. Parts - Form and profile variation? 2. Process - Shape and surface distortion? 3. Deformation during assembly? 4. On all visual surfaces or just a few measurements points (which are then often interpolated?)

iii. How would you conduct a full visual review of predicted variation on the digital model prior to digital lot reviews?

iv. Do you produce physical models and how much do they cost? 1. Are you producing a number of different physical models, e cubes, bucks etc? Have you identified how much these cost and how long do they add to the process? 2. Can you identify the savings from using a digital solution to avoid most/all?


3. Production

i. How do you conduct Pre and Post Production reviews to supports investigation and root cause analysis of fit and finish problems discovered before and during production? a. Simulate the stack-up of variation within the assembly using engineering tolerances? b. Review of visual results to verify that known problems are accurately simulated in the model – including deformation? c. Root cause analysis and what-if experiments undertaken to find the best solution? d. Improved feasibility assessment for next generation products? e. Supplier quality investigations, improved yields studies? f. Running changes assessed before they are introduced?

ii. What is the true cost of resolving all the issues that occur and are resolved late in the process?

Target customers

Automotive, Agritech and Consumer Goods OEMs

See case studies for Bentley and Opel: and  

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