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Description :  

Today, during the development of electromechanical products (mechatronic design) we are more and more oriented towards a collaborative design which brings common knowledge from two engineering domains – the electronic and the mechanic. As a result there is the common need for connecting two domains in a way that it is appropriate for tracking every phase of design of electromechanical products. The Mecodes product combining methodology and software solutions offer an efficient approach to the integrated collaborative design in the development of electromechanical products. Methodology is absolutely necessary because of the complexity of the collaboration problem in engineering domains. In addition to that by integrating Mecodes plug-in into existing CAD tools (CATIA V5, Altium Designer) we ensure simple usage since engineers need not to leave the familiar environment while performing functions of collaborative design.


The problem of collaborative design may be split into three mutually connected problems: concurrent design processes, model differences and interdisciplinary communication. Each of these problems require a unique approach and appropriate software solutions. The concurrent design process differences in Mecodes are solved by the introduction of an integrated PDM system with the possibility of connecting the Mecodes plug-in with existing PDM systems. By the PDM integration we ensure that each engineering process can track its own process logic as well as the collaborative design process. Further to this the PDM connectivity openness of the Mecodes system enables customers to freely use their existing PDM system in the collaborative design process. Model differences in Mecodes are solved automatically during the conversion which occurs upon model transfer between CAD tools. Especially advanced plug-in functions are developed which ensure that common design tasks are performed quickly and precisely. The Mecodes is open for customization on customers’ requests thereby allowing customers to tailor the Mecodes plug-ins to match their specific needs. The message and file exchange subsystem is integrated into the Mecodes plug-in, too, to overcome knowledge differences and to ensure quick and simple communication between design process participants. Like before the messaging system is based on open standard protocols thereby allowing the end customer to integrate his existing messaging system into the Mecodes plug-in.

Customer benefits :   The collaborative design is far more advanced compared to classic process oriented designs and gives numerous advantages over the classical approach; just to mention a few: reduced prototyping time, better prototype quality, early design failure detections and others. All these advantages lead to a faster and cheaper design with higher quality of the final electromechanical product.
Available since :   Version 1.0 – 29.04.2010   Version 2.0 – 28.02.2011
DS prerequisite products :  


Product languages :   English (EN)

Cimos Customer Story

English version

Cimos Customer Story

German version


Key Qualification Questions

- What kind of product development process you have?

- Do you have integrated ECAD/MCAD development (Mechatronic)?

- Do you have dislocated development centers?

- Have you problems with your development related to integrated design?

- Are you satisfied with your Mechatronic process.

Target customers

- Industry: ANY industry which develop or produce Mechatronic products

- Customer of who would like to increse their portfolio to Mechatronic design

- Universities who would like to teach Mechatronic


1. CIMOS – Koper, SLO,

2. FH Schule Wiener Neustadt – Wiener Neustadt, A

3. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology - DE

4. Projects – SGA - SLO, ABB – I

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