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Thursday, 31 May 2012

During the last Packaging and Converting Executive Forum 2012 (PACE 2012) May 23-25, Dassault Systèmes has partnered with the AMD FirePro team to showcase 3DVIA Store running on AMD Eyefinity technology across multiple independent display outputs simultaneously. Thanks to the combination of these two advanced technologies, users are offered an ultra immersive 3D store experience. 

3DVIA Store is a new and ready-to-use business solution for brand manufacturers and retailers. It enables users to realistically simulate retail settings inside immersive, lifelike 3D environments to better imagine, validate, and deploy optimum shopping experiences.

AMD's FirePro and Eyefinity 3D graphics cards are particularly key if you want to get the most of your Dassault Systèmes configuration. These cards offer a very high definition, particularly on multiple screens connected simultaneously. Check by yourself:

Are you also using AMD's FirePro and EyeFinity cards on a similar configuration? What is your feedback?
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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Jaguar Land Rover is using OPTIS solutions integrated in CATIA V5, to improve the design and lighting of their car interiors, as well as the visbility and legibility of information on their dashboard instrumentation.

OPTIS solutions enable OEMS and suppliers around the world to answer questions like : 
- How will my car interior look using this new dashboard material? How will it look if I change the color? How will it appear at various different times of day and in various different places around the world? 
- I’m designing a convertible, I need to be sure that when the hood’s down, our customers can still see the controls... 
- Will the driver be able to see the dashboard controls when the sun is shining directly on them from the side window? What would happen to the visibility if I altered the angle of the display, or changed its background material ? Is all the information on my new control panel legible; can I reduce the number of light guides but still maintain the legibility? 
- How can I be sure that components from different suppliers will ‘look good’ when I integrate them in my car interior? 
- I recently drove a car which had a really annoying reflection of the dashboard in the windscreen. It was so bad it was almost dangerous. I have to be sure our future car won’t have any, but how can I be certain before I produce the first physical prototype?

OPTIS rendering and visualisation solutions are unique in taking into account the optical properties of materials and surfaces, giving the customer the guarantee that their simulation results will be how the final product will really appear. They are also unique in taking into account human vision, and can even detect potential problem areas such as unwanted reflections, glare, areas of low visibility and stray light.

Note that OPTIS solutions, including the SPEOS for CATIA V5 product range which is available on the PLM MarketPlace, are used in various industries, including: aerospace, high-tech, automotive, CPG,...

The OPTIS Team

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Wednesday, 09 May 2012

In parallel with the G20 summit that will be held next month, the G20 Yes will take place in Mexico from 2-5 June. The G20 Yes is a summit aiming at promoting young entrepreneurs from all around the world and finding the best ways to encourage entrepreneurship. 

Our partner Noomeo will be part of the French delegation. The 3D scanners manufacturer sees the G20 Yes as an unique opportunity to reach new markets such as the Americas. Today, 50% of the company's sales are made out of France and particularly in Asia.

After having massively invested 4M€ in R&D, Noomeo is now targeting the aerospace industry with prestigious customers such as Dassault Aviation. The company recently joined forces with Kineo (another Dassault Systèmes' partner) and Aerolia. Their goal is to develop a solution enabling an automatic control of plane's assembly.

All the PLM MarketPlace team congratulates Mr. Vincent Lemonde (Noomeo CEO) and his team for being part of this really future oriented summit!
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