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Thursday, 24 November 2011

We're back in Dassault Systèmes HQ after two very great days at ECF 2011. It was the opportunity for us to meet our partners and see some live demos of their solutions. I must confess that year after year, they push the limits of innovation. Each of them came with brand new products or new features. Ready for the tour?

We first met Angela and René from OPTIS. OPTIS is a world leader in optics simulation. They were presenting their new solution THEIA RT, the world's first truly physics-based real time rendering. On the SPEOS side, there is a new feature: Digital Vision & Surveillance. This allows to enhance camera monitoring before manufacturing the good. For instance, based on the source of light, plane manufacturers can now place a camera at the right place in the cargo hold. Pilots will then have a better vision of the situation in case of fire.

David of IGE+XAO introduced the latest features of See Electrical, the company's electrical harness design solution. See Electrical v4 is now multi-user in addition to be collaborative. IGE+XAO is becoming more and more present in the rail industry (they will be present at the BCN Rail tradeshow next week in Barcelona, Spain). Last but not least, they won some significant deals recently, including ISS Reshetnev in Russia (aerospace), Mühlenberg Interior in Germany (aerospace), Agusta Westland (flight simulation) in Italy or Rolls Royce Marine in Canada.

Next partner I visited was Theorem Solutions. Martin gave me an overview of all the translators available and their future migration on the V6 platform. The company is also increasing its presence in the field of consultancy with their solution called Theorem Process Manager. Theorem Solutions is also now offering a data archiving service allowing customers to maintain legacy data for long term storage.

Finally, I had the chance to see the Transcat team from Germany. Martin told me about the latest release (v1.5) of Q-Compare.

Q-Compare delivers extra functionality for the comparison of two CATIA V5 files. Not only geometrical differences are detected, but also modifications of attributes, colours, naming, elements and many more. It is possible to compare drawings, parts and products, either interactively or in batch mode. With Q-Compare Version 1.5 the highlighting of model diviations right within CATIA has been improved. A new function allows to show the compared models in one single window, which makes it even easier to visualize differences. Download the flyer and release note for more details. 

As you can see, our partners came with their bags full of new solutions and features. Remember that all these solutions are available on the PLM MarketPlace and that you can request more information and even a quote online!

Now, I'd like to hear from you! Did you attend this year's ECF? What did you think about it? Something you saw/heard and want to share with us? I give you the floor!


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Monday, 21 November 2011

Here we are in Disneyland Paris, between hammers and screw drivers... We can't wait to welcome you in a few hours now at the Dassault Systèmes European Customer Forum (ECF) 2011. The whole PLM MarketPlace team will be there at the booth along with our folks from 3DS Alliances Network. 


We had some time to have an overview of the Agora where some of our partners from the PLM MarketPlace are present. They've all got some very great new things to show you. We're pretty sure that no matter what your industry or your job is, you'll find something that will bring you new ideas!

So, as we said, some of our partners are here. This includes, on the referenced partners side: OPTIS, AMD, IGE+XAO, Theorem Solutions and Transcat. We've got some resellers present this year too: Keonys, Tata Technologies, Technia, Processia Solutions and T-Systems.
We really encourage you to take a few minutes to pay these guys a visit between two sessions. This is a unique opportunity for you to discover their offers and talk about business.

For those of you who are not attending this year's ECF, we encourage you to stay tuned to our Facebook page to get some pictures and to follow the hashtag #ECF for a live tweet of the event.

Well, I guess it's time for us to get some sleep now before these two exciting days! 

A demain!

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Thursday, 10 November 2011

DSCC2011 has now closed its doors and, from what I've heard and read, everyone really enjoyed the event. Two days of plenary sessions with executives from our customers and Dassault Systèmes (3DS), technical sessions including customers testimonies and a Technology Showcase where people had the possibility to meet 3DS experts and our partners. This was DSCC2011 and I hop you get the most of it and brought lots of ideas back at the office!

On the PLM MarketPlace side, it was a pleasure for me to see our American customers and partners and share ideas and opinions on what is going on in the industry. Our software and hardware partners came here with very exciting products. This was also a huge opportunity to present the benefits of the program not only to partners but also to our customers. PLM MarketPlace is also made for them and it was great to show them what our partners have to offer them.

I had the chance to meet Emmanuel from DPS. He gave me more details about his company's latest software called Mid Surface Mesher. You can find it on the PLM MarketPlace. Basically, Mid Surface Mesher is a tool aimed at providing CATIA V5 users specific capabilities for generating and meshing medial surfaces of thin structures. They're working on sone nice projects, you should hear more about it soon!

Also, it was a pleasure to see Shauwn and his team from CoastalLogic. This company is regularly present during 3DS events. They have just released convertLogic v5.8 (seamless, automated PDF conversion and metadata stamping of files from your ENOVIA database). This new version brings some new enhancements, including on demand streaming. Stay tuned to CoastalLogic, they've got some exciting new products on the way!

Last but not least, our fellows from AMD were present too. They were demonstrating all the power of their FirePro 3D graphics cards on a DELL workstation and laptop. From a single graphics card, the scenario goes from design using CATIA V5 – for design content creation to technical illustration (3DVIA Composer – technical publication content creation) to 3D XML and web-based assembly instructions (content consumer) used on the field or on the shop floor. The benefits are the great performance on multi-display, the reliability and great value-add of having 3 full HD displays to master the complete workflow. Displays can be arranged side by side to create a giant extended desktop, which can help support such advanced, multi-application workflows. The workflow uses a radio controlled radio controlled R/C car. See by yourself:

Another demo, this time using a Dell Precision M6600:

Impressive, isn't it? And I've got a good news for you if are attending the ECF in a couple of weeks: the AMD team will be there to show you it working live!

Well, that's almost all for DSCC2011 from a PLM MarketPlace perspective! This was our second participation to this event and again, this was great to be there meeting our American customers and partners. 

If you are in Europe, we really look forward to seeing you in two weeks in Paris at the European Customer Forum. We'll be present on the PLM MarketPlace booth located in the Technifair during these two days.

For those of you who want to have a refresh on the key messages of DSCC2011, a good way is to follow the hashtag #DSCC11 on Twitter as our attendees sent thousands of tweets during these two days! And if you want to see what the event looked like, we've uploaded some pictures on our Facebook page. Don't hesitate to share yours too!

I guess it's now time for me to see what's happening in the casinos before heading back to Paris! Wish me good luck ;-)

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Tuesday, 08 November 2011

Here we are in Las Vegas, Nevada where the Dassault Systèmes Customer Conference 2011 (DSCC2011) will open its doors tomorrow morning. Everything is almost ready and customers, partners, analysts, journalists, 3DS people are arriving.

If you’re around during the next couple of days, don’t hesitate to stop by the PLM MarketPlace booth located in the Technifair, I’d be very happy to welcome you. It will be the perfect opportunity to discover the program if you don’t know it already! Also, remember that some of the PLM MarketPlace Partners are present at DSCC2011 too. I really encourage you to pay them a visit, from what I’ve seen so far, they’ve brought some pretty impressive things to show you!

Well, I think we’re almost done now! Oh, no! One more little thing: if you can’t attend DSCC2011 this year, just follow the hashtag #DSCC11 to know what’s happening in real time. I’ll be posting some tweets too and some pictures on Facebook as well… So, stay connected!

See you tomorrow.


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