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Friday, 27 August 2010

Tesla Motors has selected Dimensional Control Systems (DCS)’s 1DCS and 3DCS solutions to provide tolerance analysis as part of its commitment to lead the automotive industry in quality with the development of the Model S.

Tesla’s design engineers are using 1DCS in the earliest stages of product development to explore hypothetical designs for rapid evaluation and iteration throughout development of the Model S. 3DCS will provide the tools to run precise tolerance analyses of the Model S design and the associated manufacturing process using the Functional Tolerancing and Analysis (FTA) process in CATIA.

“We are pushing the automotive and engineering limits at Tesla in our development of the Model S,” said Tesla Motors Dimensional Engineering Manager Steve Bannasch. “To ensure our cars are first in quality, we must be the very best in fit and finish. DCS allows us to achieve our goals without adding unnecessary cost. Their solution is completely integrated with CATIA and provides the most flexibility of design. The DCS team has clearly taken the time to research the differences between rigid and flexible materials and the impact they have on tolerances.”

What kind of processes do you use to ensure fit, finish and function? Do you take advantage of dimensional engineering?

The DCS Team

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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Recently, Coastal Logic became one of our newest PLM Marketplace members. We thought it would be interesting to share some additional information about this dynamic company.

Coastal Logic is the leading provider of out-of-the-box printing and PDF rendering solutions for Enovia MatrixOne.

The company was founded in 2002 in response to a demand for capabilities lacking in PLM database software systems. Many PLM users have the need for robust, enterprise-controlled batch printing and PDF rendering solutions. Coastal Logic was formed to address the growing demand for commercial, out-of-the-box solutions that help companies ensure regulatory compliance, increase efficiency and accelerate profit.

Today, Coastal Logic solutions are globally deployed in a wide variety of industries including Aerospace, Industrial, Medical, and Energy manufacturing. One such client installation is at Smith and Nephew.

Smith and Nephew is a global medical device manufacturing company with operations in 33 countries and annual sales of over $2.6 billion. Prior to adopting Coastal Logic software, Smith and Nephew was running on a legacy custom-built platform for printing documents and drawings on the shop floor. As with many internally-built systems of this sort, this solution became brittle and difficult to maintain over time. One challenge of this Coastal Logic successfully installed printLogic to handle their printing requirements, along with some additional custom interface development to make the system work with their current shop floor processes. The resulting installation works seamlessly with their existing process and has the benefits of full support and maintainability. The project has been a huge success.

The out-of-the-box Coastal Logic solutions include two flagship products, convertLogic, which automatically stamps documents and renders them to PDF, and printLogic, which gives Enovia users a "print" button, right in the web interface, that allows them to print metadata-stamped documents without needing to use viewing software or native applications.

convertLogic helps to enable regulatory compliance and increase document transportability by converting files into secure, metadata-stamped PDF or TIFF files. Conversions are triggered automatically by PLM lifecycle events and occur on dedicated servers, so there is no additional load on the RMI servers.

printLogic enables Enovia users to create secure, metadata-stamped prints directly from the Enovia web interface. Prints can be queued one or hundreds at a time, and virtually any data can be extracted from the database and applied to prints. 

What are some issues that you have had with Enovia with regards to printing or file format conversions? Tell us about it in the comments.

Shaun, for Coastal Logic

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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The PLM MarketPlace is growing and our latest partner to be referenced in our catalog is Actas. In order to make sure that everybody perceives the benefits of their experience and solutions, we asked them for a short introduction. 

Actas GmbH was founded in 2004 as a Management Buy Out of the Engineering Technical Services department of Atos Origin, Stuttgart. Actas provides training and services such as installation and customization around CATIA-V4 and CATIA-V5. Actas GmbH is a small (6 people) but highly professional company. Actas has over 20 years experience working with CATIA and developing CATIA. 

Actas is an Adopter Partner of Dassault Systèmes since 2006. Actas has developed 2 products (MPA and TDA) fully integrated in CATIA-V5 for the optimization of the Deep Drawing process. The product development was done in close cooperation with car manufacturers. 

TDA is the successor of CATAD2 and offers similar functionality for tool engineering for sheet metal parts using the deep drawing technology. TDA enables to deploy product contours on other surface geometry, like tool addendum geometry, with respect to material bending behaviour. The functionality includes mapping of complex contours, trim line development and blank profile determination. 

MPA is the successor of CATAD4 and offers similar functionality for tool engineering for sheet metal parts using the deep drawing technology. MPA includes the 2 functions Draw Angle Analysis and Cut Angle Analysis. The both products determine and analyse tool directions and angles for draw operations and cut operations of complex sheet metal products. The functionality includes computing aperture and undercut, analysing punch directions and analysing the acute and obtuse cutting angles.

This blogpost aims at giving you a first overview of the capabilities of Actas' softwares. Do you see a value in them for your industry/job? Are you facing technological challenges you think you can win thanks to MPA or TDA? Feel free to comment!

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