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Friday, 20 November 2009

Our aim has always been to deliver you the value of our PLM MarketPlace solutions providers as fast and accurate as possible. We know that time is money and customers need the right information regarding the right product no matter when, no matter where.

Based on these facts, we are proud to announce today that the PLM MarketPlace is now available for iPhone! You can download the application from Apple iTunes' App Store FOR FREE!

With the PLM MarketPlace application for iPhone, you have access to our solution providers' latest news and blogposts but also, and this is the core value, to more than 145 solutions! All this right in your pocket!

Browse our catalog, discover product datasheets, videos, screenshots and share all this information with customers, colleagues, partners,... in just one click!

Also, keep in touch with our ecosystem thanks to a direct access to our LinkedIn business group, Twitter and YouTube channel.

In a few words, PLM MarketPlace application for iPhone is the latest and ultimate way to discover, share and connect around CATIA, DELMIA, ENOVIA, SIMULIA and 3DVIA complimentary solutions! Business, technology, knowledge and communities have never been so mobile!

Feel free to download the PLM MarketPlace application for iPhone and share your impressions with us by leaving your comments below!

Stay connected!

The PLM MarketPlace Team

PS: for other devices and PDAs, our generic mobile version is still available!

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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

All good things come to an end…

Checklist before leaving ECF 09: complete! All the stuff is packed, last exchanges of business cards, last meetings and sessions finished. Time for all the attendees to fly back home all over Europe. We definitely had a good time here in DisneyLand Paris with our PLM MarketPlace partners.

European Value Added Resellers and Customers were really impressed by how rich our catalog is! Some of them didn’t even image that so many specific and niche application were available on the PLM MarketPlace. “It’s amazing how so many solutions are easy to find here and within our reach!” a customer told us. Indeed, the combination of Referenced Partners, Value Added Resellers and PLM MarketPlace help customer improve their PLM configuration easily, this was proven and understood during these two days.

Last but not least, we were proud to show the new auto-translation feature we've just implemented that allows all our visitors (on site and online!) to get all the content of in their own native language! No need to say that this new feature made great impression during these two days...
Just select a language to get the page translated in a few seconds!

Back in the Agora for a while, just the time for me to finish our “virtual tour” we started yesterday.

Crowded Agora full of people connecting

Let’s start with our neighbors: Optis. Optis is a French company based in the South of France (you know, where’s sun, cause light is very important for them). Pete and his team explain that their aim is to illuminate your design process, make simulation an integral part of your development cycle to reduce time to market and optimize product quality. The idea with the Speos product line is to put the physic based representation of light and human vision inside CATIA V5 as part of the PLM strategy.

Let’s cross the border to see Prostep, our other neighbors who traveled from Germany to show the value of their Federated eBOM solution. As Manfred told us, the software offers the fast way to find the specific solution to reduce end-to-end life systems, integrate expert systems and build your enterprise PLM. With Prostep, you can find opportunities to make your PLM landscape more efficient using V6 technology.

Back to France now to visit our folks from ESI Group. The product lines of ESI Group (PAM-Diemaker, PAM-TFA, PAM-Quickform and PAM-RTM among others) help you to use simulation driven design to get the product right at the first time. The ESI Group team says that they offer CATIA V5 integrated solutions for composite design and manufacturing but also for sheetmetal forming and stamping simulation. These solutions are used in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, consumer goods products,…

We have now finished our Agora tour and I hope it helped you to see more clearly the value brought by our partners. ECF is always a great opportunity for all of us to exchange, discover powerful complimentary solutions to DS products, discuss on new business cases,…

If you attended ECF09, tell us your feelings here! What did you like? Did you discover new things? Have you met our Partners? We’re curious about it!!

Anthony Rosendo, on behalf of the PLM MarketPlace Team

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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Hello all!

First day at ECF 2009 was very exciting with some great testimonies of customers and Bernard Charlès who shared his vision for 2010 and the coming years. I invite you to have a look at our fellows from 3D Perspectives to know more about this first day.

On our side, we had the opportunity to meet several of our PLM MarketPlace partners. All of them came here with the intent of presenting their value to customers. They've all got some great stuff to show and share with the attendees!

I'm glad to take you for a "virtual tour” of our partners' booths and share this ECF 09 with you!

View of the Agora from the PLM MarketPlace booth

We first met with Joel from CD-adapco who told us that his company aimed at making things easy for everyone to leverage knowledge with simulation. Did you have a look at their product STAR-CAT5 that allows you to simulate flow and thermal stress integrated in CATIA.

Our English folks from Theorem Solutions have products that improve the ability for collaboration and communication in an extended enterprise since complex products are not designed by a single company. Keith told us also that Theorem solutions are made to make design engineering processes more efficient and effective for good ROI and deployment of technology.

Next, we met François who is an Application Engineer at IGE+XAO, a French company with products helping you with electrical solutions in the PLM space. With See Electrical Harness people can schematize all cable and electrical solutions in products which need electricity (e.g. lighting in an aeroplane cabin or the radio in a car).

Our daily tour ends with Transcat from Germany. Martin told us that they define their software as an investment in new solutions, into your future. Q-Checker for V6 and Q-PLM for ENOVIA V6 help customers to accelerate process in global developments processes with quality and compliance controls.

See you there again tomorrow to discover the second half of our PLM MarketPlace partners present here. I also invite you to post comments and questions below so that we can share them and bring you answers as quickly as possible.

Finally, don't forget to follow the event on Twitter as I explained yesterday, there's a lot of "Tweeples" around with their smartphones bringing the ECF 09 live to you!

Right... Time for us to get offline for a few hours. See you there tomorrow!

Anthony Rosendo, on behalf of the PLM MarketPlace Team

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Monday, 16 November 2009

Here we are, just arrived at DisneyLand Paris for the Dassault Systèmes European Customer Forum 2009, aka ECF09! While the first attendees are checking in at their hotel, there is a lot of movement in the Agora!

I came today with Michael to install our booth which stand between two of our PLM MarketPlace partners: Optis and Prostep (thanks Manfred for the tools by the way! ;-)).

Michael fighting against a plastic roll

We feel that all our Partners are very excited to welcome you tomorrow and are currently doing their utmost to offer you the best booth of the Agora! I can tell you that you're going to see some amazing and great stuff in the coming two days!

I know that some of you can't attend the ECF this year. Don't worry: we set up two great online channels where you'll be able to follow us mostly live: the PLM MarketPlace blog (so bookmark us right know if not already done ;-)) and some Twitter accounts: @plmmarketplace (us!) @michael_moser @bdelahaye @3DPerspectives @jon_dutton @nmaritan and @DSCustomersLIVE.

Be our guest!

Well, time for your PLM MarketPlace team to get some food and some sleep (humm... I can ear children screaming next to my room, bad news for me...) in order to be up and running to welcome you tomorrow!

See you at Mickey's then!

Anthony Rosendo

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Thursday, 05 November 2009

The challenging economic climate of the last year means that it is very important to have an accurate uptodate view of market opportunity. Theorem Solutions has recently completed an in depth study on CAD data exchange in the UK West Midlands Automotive supply chain which has revealed CATIA’s leading position in UK automotive design and manufacturing companies.

The objective of the study was to identify the types and scale of challenges experienced in CAD data exchange amongst the UK West Midlands Automotive Suppliers. This detail is important to Theorem in order to ensure the development and supply of the ideal interoperability technology to meet the current and anticipated future needs of this important industry sector.

Whilst the core objectives of the project were to identify CAD data exchange problems the work revealed a great deal of further information, including the mix of CAD systems in place. In this respect the project discovered that CATIA dominates the UK West Midlands automotive supply chain with more than twice the number of installations as the next nearest CAD system. When the number of installed workstations is considered the CATIA dominance is seen to be even greater.

The market research confirmed that data exchange is still a problem for many companies in the automotive sector. CATIA emerges as the most widely used CAD system in the survey and this reinforces Theorem’s commitment to providing CATIA users with ‘best in class’ interoperability solutions.

Do these findings match your experience of automotive supply chains?
Do you have problems with data exchange?

The Theorem Team

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