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Friday, 26 September 2008

PLM requirements of our customers are fullfilled by 400+ highly sophisticated solutions (provided by DS), as well as 400+ complementary applications (provided by our Software Partners). This is nice for major accounts, but sometimes represents too many possibilities for the Small and medium Business. This is why DS developped CATIA PLM Express and DELMIA PLM Express to make decisions easy in this segment, and simplify VARs Sales Reps' lives when providing packaging advices to customers.

On PLM MarketPlace, customers can browse today 130 customized solutions provided by 25 referenced partners. So we wanted to have a similar approach to simplify the process of selection, because some partner products are sometimes completely unknown by their potential buyers. This is why we have redesign the discovery experience and implemented a visual and intuitive search engine based on user industries and roles such as Style, Manufacturer or Robotics Planner. With this natural approach customers will discover our catalog without having any pre-existing knowledge of referenced products, and we'll capitalize on our Industry and PLM Express visuals. Of course, customers may still search by keywords, referenced partner / product or domain / sub-domain.

Customers are getting easy access to detailed information (as on our corporate website), but on PLM MarketPlace the benefit for you VARs is that we are pushing them to give contact informations in order to generate leads for partner products.

Any comments on this new catalog discovery?


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Tuesday, 23 September 2008


This week your PLM MarketPlace team is at a major e-commerce event hold in Paris. This is quite new at Dassault-Systemes, but it is starting to be a very popular event among our Marketing & Sales Community.

In such event we are grabbing best-practices about e-business that will have direct impact on our website's business performance. Based on such approaches we have continuously redesigned our website in order to be better found by search engines and to generate traffic to our showcase. We have also started to extend our cross-linking program to the VAR community and published part of our catalog to be discovered by final customers. At this point, prices and other sensitive information remain confidential, available only to you VARs in this private section.

The direct impact for the VAR community in terms of business is that we now have a public catalog where prospects can request a quote. When doing this, customers give their full identity which is then managed by us as a lead provided to both Referenced Partners and you VARs.
More to come


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Monday, 15 September 2008

In this enhanced version of PLM MarketPlace we want to make business easier for all Sales Representatives and Application Engineers from our VAR Community, as well as reach new Customers with our DS VARs.

As an example, we are introducing here a visual navigation in order to easily find offers from our Partners. The benefit is that without knowing anything about the Solution or Software Company you are looking for, you are able to describe it in terms of usage by a user profile in a specific industry.

The same approach is even more fruitfull for customers and prospects not familiar with our ecosystem Solutions. We are going in the short term to communicate to potential customers via online-marketing, in order to generate customer awareness about Partner Solutions. More important, this will also guide prospects to leave their coordinates and provide leads to you. Of course, these leads will be managed via the geography CMP organizations in order to smoothly support all local particularities.

This user-centric approach is supported by many web2.0 technologies like Partner-ranking by VARs, blog, tag-cloud, RSS and so on. But for us this is not a goal in itself. Our goal with PLM Marketplace is always to leverage these technologies so that our Partners (DS VARs and Referenced Partners) make money. With this blog approach, we want also to get your feedback on many domains while concentrating on domains that generate revenue.

In the coming days there will be more about usage guidelines for this blog, processes to secure your commissions, presentations of the new business management tools and many more.
We hope this new release will be a valuable business enabler, don't miss this opportunity to secure your quarterly targets.


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