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Thursday, 13 December 2012

As part of the Gravotech Group, our partner Type3 benefits from a brand new visual identity in order to better reflect the values of the group and its different brands.

The Gravotech Group specializes in permanent marking, and its range of equipment covers four key technologies: LASER, mechanical engraving, scribing, and micro-percussion which are all complemented by a wide range of engraving materials and other compatible consumables.

Type3, one of the group's brand, develops versatile and productivity-driven artistic CAD/CAM solutions for industrial applications. Among them, Type3CAAV5 Based, a CATIA V5 add-in that considerably increases the opportunities to easily include lettering and graphical applications earlier in the product lifecycle.

Through their new visual identity, the group intends to strengthen its values, present in all its brands: continuous development, innovation and the promotion of products and services of quality.

Gravotech's Type3 is widely used in many industries by customers such as Sidel, Metabo or Fingscheidt, among others.

The whole Type3CAAV5 Based product range is available on the PLM MarketPlace: Type 3 Gateway CAAV5 based, Type 3 Graphic CAAV5 based and Type 3 Graphic Wrap CAAV5 based
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Friday, 03 December 2010

In the latest issue of Dassault Systèmes' Contact Mag, some of the PLM MarketPlace's Value Added Resellers are under the spotlight. We propose you to read their success stories, showing how key is the role of a Value Added Reseller in the definition and implementation of a PLM offer.

  • France: Ecoceane / Keonys
Ecoceane, the French specialist in open-water oil spill response, has chosen CATIA, DELMIA and 3DVIA to accelerate its performance in designing and manufacturing ships and position itself as the global market leader.
Keonys carried out specific on-site studies and developed new methodologies to make R&D operational rapidly.

  • Czech Republic: Duratec / Technodat
Technodat helped Duratec - a bicycles designer and manufacturer -  to implement Dassault Systèmes' solutions including CATIA PLM Express (manufacturing) and 3DVIA Composer (assembly drawings). Note that Duractec uses also Type 3 from our partner Vision numeric for parametric text creation.

  • USA: Viking / Inceptra
Viking created the concept of professional-quality cooking to the home in the late 80s. Since then, competition has been tougher and tougher. This is why, with the help of Inceptra, they selected CATIA and ENOVIA SmarTeam in order to always be at the top in terms of innovation and excellency.

  • Argentina: Mirgor / Teckdes
Mirgor is an automotive and consumer air-conditioning leading manufacturer based in Latin America. Working with the local VAR Teckdes, they selected CATIA PLM Express in order to increase design department efficiency, improve product quality and strengthen their leadership role.

  • Sweden: MacGregor / Technia 
MacGregor, a Sweden based cranes manufacturer, was looking for better data management, secured access to information and better collaboration in order to deal with a sharp rise in orders. Technia, a Dassault Systèmes' VAR, brought its expertise in this field and MacGregor made the choice to adopt ENOVIA V6.

As everyone can see after reading these success stories, the role of a Value Added Reseller is key. Not only they can help you adopt the right Dassault Systèmes offer, they also have the knowledge to complement this one with our partners' solutions.

Anthony Rosendo, on behalf of the PLM MarketPlace Team
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Monday, 16 March 2009

In a recent newsletter, our partner Vision Numeric told us about their successes in the watch, jewellery and microtechnics industries. Vision Numeric is the software Company behind "Type3" solutions, and these solutions have just been put in place at Createch, a French company based in Besançon (near the Switzerland frontier). Createch is specialized in the design, development and production of these luxury parts, they are working for the most famous names of Place Vendôme (Paris).

Createch has been using CATIA software for many years with two 6 axes Bumotec S191 machining center. When their customers asked for engraved parts, Createch asked it to a Value Added Reseller and was put through Vision numeric. They are DS software partners for 6 years, specialized in artistic CAD CAM, and they could propose a solution. On-site qualifications allowed Createch users to confirm that Vision numeric add-in, Type3 CAAV5 Based, was the answer they needed. Createch placed an order and their team was trained within days. 

This story is interesting because it shows that partners solutions made available by our PLM MarketPlace partners can be quickly deployed to Small and Medium customers. We think sharing this kind of experience in SMB can be usefull for other customers also looking for solutions to their specialized needs. All of our referenced partners (Software and resellers) are invited to share with our community their success stories. Stories may be published on this blog and/or on our Customer pages.


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