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Monday, 31 August 2015

STRACK NORMA – The Best out of Steel

CENIT, our DS Marketplace member, is driving process efficiency at Germany’s leading provider of standard parts: Postprocessors, macro development and a variants generator – all end-to-end, from engineering to development to manufacturing.
"Our goal was to keep proving, at each and every milestone, that we were the right partner."
Florian Eichler, Sales Representative 3DS-PLM at CENIT

Challenges and benefits:

  • Integration of 5-axis milling machines
  • Tried and tested standard postprocessors
  • Expension of customer requirements
  • Step-by-step approach
  • Rapid, Secured, client-specific 

Get much more information about the Customer reference from CENIT by downloading the whole document:

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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

I wanted to share with you the last success story of our Software Partner TraceParts

TraceParts is proud to annonce that since November 2010, they host more than 8.000 3D digital objects from Phoenix Contact on their platform 

With this plateform the customer can improve the level of the service offered to their own customers and increase their visibility through this qualitative online platform. 

With, you can use an online catalog in order to view your 3D models and dowload files that increase end customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Do you want to know more about TraceParts? Let's take a look at their presentation page on


Please also visit our social community “TALK”! 

Interested to enter the TALK community? Click that button and discover your new communication tool!

DO not forget our current contest on TALK!

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Thursday, 11 April 2013

The international research project “ITER” started 2008 with the implementation of the well-known software Q-Checker. The target was to maintain and improve product data quality (PDQ) as well as design methodology in CATIA for all project participants. A challenging task as the domestic agencies and suppliers are spread all over the globe. With Q-Checker, Transcat provides a management system for PDQ to reduce project costs by avoiding rework- and incorporation time.

To have a better understanding on the role played by Transcat PLM on the ITER fusion reactor program, download the ITER-Transcat PLM success story.

Take also some time to discover Transcat PLM product range, perfectly integrated within Dassault Systèmes' CATIA software and covering various domains (data quality check, data exchange, vehicle architecture).

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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Jaguar Land Rover is using OPTIS solutions integrated in CATIA V5, to improve the design and lighting of their car interiors, as well as the visbility and legibility of information on their dashboard instrumentation.

OPTIS solutions enable OEMS and suppliers around the world to answer questions like : 
- How will my car interior look using this new dashboard material? How will it look if I change the color? How will it appear at various different times of day and in various different places around the world? 
- I’m designing a convertible, I need to be sure that when the hood’s down, our customers can still see the controls... 
- Will the driver be able to see the dashboard controls when the sun is shining directly on them from the side window? What would happen to the visibility if I altered the angle of the display, or changed its background material ? Is all the information on my new control panel legible; can I reduce the number of light guides but still maintain the legibility? 
- How can I be sure that components from different suppliers will ‘look good’ when I integrate them in my car interior? 
- I recently drove a car which had a really annoying reflection of the dashboard in the windscreen. It was so bad it was almost dangerous. I have to be sure our future car won’t have any, but how can I be certain before I produce the first physical prototype?

OPTIS rendering and visualisation solutions are unique in taking into account the optical properties of materials and surfaces, giving the customer the guarantee that their simulation results will be how the final product will really appear. They are also unique in taking into account human vision, and can even detect potential problem areas such as unwanted reflections, glare, areas of low visibility and stray light.

Note that OPTIS solutions, including the SPEOS for CATIA V5 product range which is available on the PLM MarketPlace, are used in various industries, including: aerospace, high-tech, automotive, CPG,...

The OPTIS Team

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Wednesday, 04 April 2012

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) plays an increasingly critical role in modern Formula 1, not only in the design analysis of vehicle aerodynamics, but also in engine development through advanced in-cylinder simulation. CD-adapco is helping expert engine supplier Renault Sport F1 by providing engineering simulation tools that aid the development of innovative solutions allowing « Powered by Renault » teams to compete at the front of the field again in 2012/13 also to the clean-sheet design of an entirely new power unit for the 2014 season.

Design of Experiment

The Renault Sport F1 engine design engineers use CD-adapco's CFD tools, STAR-CCM+ and STAR-CD to rapidly explore new concepts and validate design variables through the use of DOE (Design Of Experiment) thus accelerating the design process by eliminating costly prototyping and testing phases. 

This year, Renault Sport F1 is representing one-quarter of the field by supplying four teams; Red Bull Racing, Lotus F1 Team, Caterham F1 Team and Williams F1 Team. In the previous two seasons, Renault Sport F1 engines have powered Red Bull Racing to consecutive World Championships.

Simulation is vital

Cédric Libert, Head of the simulation department, Renault Sport F1 commented, "CFD technology plays a fundamental role in the design and development of a modern F1 engine. The ability to simulate the behavior and performance of our designs quickly and accurately has a direct influence on our on-track performance. In addition to providing highly optimized solutions for the current V8 era, one of our biggest challenges at the moment is to develop the most innovative, energy saving 1.6 V6 turbocharged engine for the 2014 season. It is very clear that numerical simulation is vital for Renault Sport F1 to be able deliver this brand new F1 engine in less than 30 months. Through the extensive use of DOE, and with CD-adapco’s STAR-CCM+ and STAR-CD solutions and expertise, we can innovate and heavily reduce our time to market. We are pleased to continue our relationship with CD-adapco, an acknowledged leader in this field, as we work towards our 2014 deadline.

CD-adapco leads the race

Like all of the technology associated with Renault Sport F1, CD-adapco's products continue to evolve at great speed in order to stay in front of the competition. CD-adapco provides state-of-the-art simulation technologies for a broad range of applications including engine combustion, intake and exhaust, thermal cooling, batteries, electric motors, and turbochargers.

"Renault Sport F1’s success is built around teamwork and CD-adapco is proud to be a part of that team," said Bill Clark, CD-adapco’s VP Operations. "We have always been recognized as the leading tool in the automotive industry and are happy to continue demonstrating this by collaborating with winning industry partners like Renault Sport F1."

To discover more usages of CD-adapco's CFD solutions in the automotive industry, read the Automotive Special Report and the Automotive brochure.

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Friday, 29 July 2011

This is the time for us to share our third set of success stories involving our resellers. Today, we'd like to remind you four of them published in the Spring 2011 issue of our ContactMag. Among all the stories, four of them involve a reseller part of the PLM MarketPlace program. Take a few minutes to read them, we're sure you'll learn something from it ;-).

Blu Homes rethinks green design with CATIA and 3DVIA

Blu Homes needed 3D design and visualization tools that supported its goals of building quality, green, affordable prefabricated homes with a high level of buyer personalization. Blu Homes chose CATIA and 3DVIA from Dassault Systèmes to help realize its vision of making the homebuilding process more predictable, affordable and enjoyable. Our local reseller, Mecanica "has been a highly valuable partner in helping us to locate and use the right DS products for our needs" says the customer.

Read the Blu Homes / Dassault Systèmes / Mecanica success story...

Designing energy-producing underwater kites with CATIA PLM Express

Minesto uses CATIA to design innovative tidal energy solutions. The flexibility and rapidity with which it can create its designs enables Minesto to show potential customers design variations based on their requirements. Compared to its previous CAD system, model size is no longer a problem, allowing Minesto to work on complex models and assemblies of its products. Thanks to Semcon, our reseller, Minesto was able to "accelerate the learning curve of CATIA".

Read the Minesto / Dassault Systèmes / Semcon success story

Asco transforms its business model with ENOVIA V6

A major player in the design and manufacture of high precision aerospace parts, Asco will migrate from ENOVIA SmarTeam V5 to ENOVIA Version 6 (V6) in order to streamline industrial processes, optimize collaboration across its three global sites, and enable it to become a key V6 partner in the aviation industry. Keonys, one of our major reseller in Europe is "guiding Asco through this PDM V5 to PLM V6 transition process in order to speed up their transformation".

Read the Asco / Dassault Systèmes / Keonys success story

Automobile supplier Hella optimizes its processes with V6

Hella KGaA Hueck & Co., a long-time CATIA user since the mid-1980s, investigated adopting adopting Dassault Systèmes V6 solutions early in 2010. Through a series of workshops, together with Dassault Systèmes and Transcat PLM GmbH, Hella evaluated Version 6 (V6) both from a strategic and methodological point of view.

Read the Hella / Dassault Systèmes / Transcat PLM success story

As you can see, our resellers are able to work for various industries and help our customers design better products and being more efficient. They play a key role in terms of consulting, deployment and evolution of your PLM configuration.

Anthony Rosendo

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Friday, 22 July 2011

We continue our Summer reading today with a success story in the field of life sciences. Life sciences industry is facing huge challenges and PLM solutions from Dassault Systèmes and its partners can help in many ways.

In the latest special issue of ContactMag for the life sciences industry, there is a bunch of examples showing how our solutions helped companies develop and bring to market their new products, being drugs or tools. 
We'd like to focus on one in particular, that happened thanks to the involvement of a Dassault Systèmes reseller, who is also part of the PLM MarketPlace: Rand North America (now known as Inceptra).

A-dec is one of the largest producers of dental equipment in the world. In order to satisfy the growing demand from customers, A-dec needed to automatize its dental cabinetry design and production. This was possible thanks to the use of Dassault Systèmes solutions (including CATIA and ENOVIA SmarTeam) and Microsoft .net.
On the implementation part, our North American Reseller Rand (Inceptra) played a major role, according to the own words of the customer: “Having the team from RAND partner with us was a good decision. Their understanding of APIs and how the software functions was invaluable to us. We could never replicate that level of knowledge.” 
Take a few minutes to read the full success story!

This story clearly highlights the value added by our resellers. They know the PLM very well. They are there to help you get the most from our solutions and reach your goals.

And you, what do you expect from our resellers? 

The PLM MarketPlace Team
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Friday, 15 July 2011

It's Summer time and many of you will fly around the globe to get some deserved holidays. At Dassault Systèmes, we are familiar with everything that flies and we'd like to share some success stories involving our Partners from the Aerospace & Defense industry. 

These success stories (and many other) can be found in the "Aerospace & Defense" special issue of ContactMag released a few weeks ago. 

Don't hesitate to click on the links belo to discover in depth all the features of our partner's solutions. Also, a complete list of the Resellers allowed to provide you with the PLM MarketPlace solutions can be found under the "Reseller" tab of the website.

Dassault Systèmes & Keonys help GECI International build the SK-105

The SK-105 has been designed to be versatile, economical, lightweight, rugged and powerful. Keonys, a 3DS Reseller member of the PLM Marketplace, assisted GECI International in implementing CATIA for integrated product design and ENOVIA for global collaborative innovation – to develop a complete digital model, simultaneously reflecting the progress of different versions and variations of the aircraft...

GKN Aerospace: saving time and improving collaboration thanks to 3DS, Magestic Systems and Simulayt

GKN Aerospace is a major Tier 1 aircraft parts supplier specializing in complex composite and metal parts and aircraft assemblies. The company has developed a leading-edge process that integrates CATIA, ENOVIA, DELMIA (including Intercim) and 3DVIA PLM solutions from Dassault Systèmes with software from CAA Partners Simulayt (Advanced Fiber Modeler, available on PLM MarketPlace) and Magestic Systems (TruNEST and TruLASERview, also available on PLM MarketPlace). 
Thanks to this combination, GKN Aerospace managed to reduce manufacturing engineering time by 50%.

Danielson Group: building tomorrow's propulsion system

Danielson has been developing innovative engine prototypes for more than 30 years. After five years of research, the Trident propulsion system was released, based on an innovative, fully-integrated diesel engine concept, to provide an optimum, customized solution for each Unmanned Aerial Vehicle system. Dassault Systèmes and Keonys delivered Danielson the right tools to achieve their design and simulation goals with CATIA, 3DVIA Composer and SIMULIA.

The majority of the PLM MarketPlace catalog offers solutions for the Aerospace & Defense industry. These solutions are offered by highly specialized partners who have the required knowledge and experience to help you develop the best products.

We invite you to come back next week on the PLM MarketPlace blog to discover more success stories involving our customers and partners!

Anthony Rosendo
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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Dassault Systèmes' Contactmag latest issue is focusing on the Industrial Equipment industry and how PLM powers it. 3DS solutions are widely present and used in this industry, from CATIA to DELMIA or 3DVIA.

Our partners (being Value Added Resellers or Software Partners) also help our customers make things happen in their respective industries. In this special issue of Contactmag, we invite you to discover some great success stories involving a 3DS customer, a partner and us!

Note that you will find some PLM MarketPlace partners part of these success stories:

- AscendBridge, a Canadian VAR, was recognized by Langen Packaging for its "proximity and responsiveness (which) have proven to be a tremendous advantage". AscendBridge provided support on ENOVIA SmarTeam.
- In South Africa, our local VAR CATIA Design Consultants (CDC) helped Tools & Design Solutions (TDS), the premier supplier of press-tool design in the region, to get the most out of CATIA.
- Back in Canada with Concours Mold of Windsor, the fourth largest moldmaker in North America. AscendBridge helped them make a successful transition to their all-CATIA strategy.
- In the UK now, one of our VARs, Applied, introduced and has provided training and support for AMRC (University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre)‘s Dassault Systèmes PLM installation and also consults on its best use and development. 
- In Brazil, our reseller Tecmes helped Enquip (development and manufacturing of industrial equipment for use in cargo handling solutions and products) improve manufacturing performance by 30% with CATIA and ENOVIA.
- Working in pairs with Spaziosystem in Italy, Maschio Gaspardo S.p.A. (agricultural machinery manufacturing) has found an ideal solution to handle complex design, production and post-sales operations with CATIA and ENOVIA SmarTeam. 
- MacGregor, a Sweden based cranes manufacturer, was looking for better data management, secured access to information and better collaboration in order to deal with a sharp rise in orders. Technia, a Dassault Systèmes' VAR, brought its expertise in this field and MacGregor made the choice to adopt ENOVIA V6.  

These are only a few examples of how Dassault Systèmes' partners can help you find, implement and get the most of our solutions and those of our ecosystem of software and hardware partners. Should you need an answer to a specific question you may have, don't hesitate to contact us!

Anthony Rosendo
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Friday, 03 December 2010

In the latest issue of Dassault Systèmes' Contact Mag, some of the PLM MarketPlace's Value Added Resellers are under the spotlight. We propose you to read their success stories, showing how key is the role of a Value Added Reseller in the definition and implementation of a PLM offer.

  • France: Ecoceane / Keonys
Ecoceane, the French specialist in open-water oil spill response, has chosen CATIA, DELMIA and 3DVIA to accelerate its performance in designing and manufacturing ships and position itself as the global market leader.
Keonys carried out specific on-site studies and developed new methodologies to make R&D operational rapidly.

  • Czech Republic: Duratec / Technodat
Technodat helped Duratec - a bicycles designer and manufacturer -  to implement Dassault Systèmes' solutions including CATIA PLM Express (manufacturing) and 3DVIA Composer (assembly drawings). Note that Duractec uses also Type 3 from our partner Vision numeric for parametric text creation.

  • USA: Viking / Inceptra
Viking created the concept of professional-quality cooking to the home in the late 80s. Since then, competition has been tougher and tougher. This is why, with the help of Inceptra, they selected CATIA and ENOVIA SmarTeam in order to always be at the top in terms of innovation and excellency.

  • Argentina: Mirgor / Teckdes
Mirgor is an automotive and consumer air-conditioning leading manufacturer based in Latin America. Working with the local VAR Teckdes, they selected CATIA PLM Express in order to increase design department efficiency, improve product quality and strengthen their leadership role.

  • Sweden: MacGregor / Technia 
MacGregor, a Sweden based cranes manufacturer, was looking for better data management, secured access to information and better collaboration in order to deal with a sharp rise in orders. Technia, a Dassault Systèmes' VAR, brought its expertise in this field and MacGregor made the choice to adopt ENOVIA V6.

As everyone can see after reading these success stories, the role of a Value Added Reseller is key. Not only they can help you adopt the right Dassault Systèmes offer, they also have the knowledge to complement this one with our partners' solutions.

Anthony Rosendo, on behalf of the PLM MarketPlace Team
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Monday, 15 March 2010

Manufacturing vaccines is a complicated business. Not just because the production process isn't simple, but also because it involves people's health. The development of vaccines requires specific controls that will determine the quality of the final patent.
First there is the selection of small amounts of virus that will be kept under "ideal" conditions, preventing the virus from becoming either stronger or weaker. 
Then there is the growing virus phase, in which the virus is placed in a "cell factory" allowing the virus cells to multiply.

During the separation phase, the virus will be separated from microscopic particles to which the viruses can attach themselves.

Sanofi goes with Intercim

The understanding of such manufacturing process is one of the key elements to master products quality and production units performances. Since 2003, Sanofi Pasteur (a division of Sanofi-aventis group) uses the Pertinence Suite solution to better understand, improve reliability and optimize industrial processes. The software solution will be used within the European and North American sites.

"Manufacture and guarantee the highest level of quality and safety for the patient and the optimum performances for the company are key objectives of process understanding. [...] The use of Pertinence Suite for understanding mechanisms which drive our complex processes is an asset to answer to this double requirement in an efficient manner."
René Labatut, VP Manufacturing of Sanofi Pasteur

With Intercim's solutions, Sanofi Pasteur can identify and set up in real-time parameters influencing the product quality and, moving forward, better control process variability. This is a recurrent challenge for the pharmaceutical industry which needs to consistently deliver vaccines on time, with a perfect traceability.

This deployment demonstrates the willingness to implement in a very operational manner the approach promoted by the regulatory bodies through the ICH Quality by Design (QbD). This approach aims at mastering manufactruring processes and efficiently sharing with the authorities the understanding of the mechanisms which drive products critical quality attributes.


See also what Dassault Systèmes solutions can offer the life sciences industry

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Friday, 26 February 2010

ELSYS serves top companies from aerospace, automotive, rail and manufacturing industries. Their applications are designed for industries which develop products combining mechanical and electrical technologies and require specialized diagram, bundle and harness design and wiring applications.

Air France Industries core business has always been the maintenance or modification of aircraft, being civil or military. For some years now, Air France Industries has been developing competency in aircraft design, leading to the improvement of passengers & crews comfort and also the avionics. In those areas, they faced some electrical systems related challenges. In this field, thanks to ELSYS and Dassault Systèmes, Air France Industries is now fully able to meet their customers' expectations.

The challenges

• Reduce aircraft down time.
• Keep to the standards and environments of every aircraft manufacturer.
• Harmonize designs around a consistent set of electrical design and management tools.
• Manage the product life cycle from end to end and ensure traceability.

How ELSYS made things happen

The initial solution chosen by Air France Industries is based on ELECTRE for wiring diagram studies, SMARTELECTRE for the management of electrical data in SMARTEAM, and CATELECTRE for integration with CATIA.

By doing so, Air France engineers can accommodate the maintenance, modification and design requirements of aircraft systems and specific features (seat layout, galleys, toilets, passenger entertainment, etc.) while improving aircraft down times. These solutions make it easier and simpler for Air France Industries to satisfy the special requirements of aeronautical engineering, such as:
- ATA standards (Airbus and Boeing), when modifying and creating electrical engineering documents,
- Specific documentation requirements in connection with configuration management,
- Simple, transparent management of electrical parts lists, however complex, in SmarTeam.

The customer's voice

The ELECTRE solution that has been implemented saves us an enormous amount of time and totally meets the manufacturers’ standards. It covers almost 100 % of our requirements…The complementary of the electrical CAD products from ELSYS and the data management products from Dassault Systèmes is excellent. With the SMARTELECTRE integration platform, it means we can manage the life cycle of electrical products from end to end. This advanced solution makes a major contribution to our 100 % quality objective… I have great confidence in ELSYS - they’re very honest people. They are proactive, customer-focused and always find the solution. With them you can say that it’s possible, it’s quick and it’s not expensive! CGM Import-Export is a prime example of this.

Frédéric Speyer, IT Project Manager, EDP Support,
AIR France Industries, Roissy Charles de Gaulle

You can read more about the successful collaboration between ELSYS and Air France Industries and contact me.

Jéronimo FREITAS - Business Development ELSYS
Twitter: @jeronimofreitas

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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Activities associated with altitude such as mountain climbing, mountaineering and work in suspension require strong and secure equipments providing a high level of security and allowing people to do it under the best conditions. Climbing is a difficult activity that requires a lot of efforts. In order to optimize those efforts workers need to get the best equipment from the shoes to the carabiner.

PETZL's mission has been the same for 30 years now: to invent concrete solutions enabling people to go higher with less risk, day and night. PETZL had a new project consisting in reducing carabiners' weight by 25% while maintaining their mechanical properties and performance above the required standards. And, of course, controlling manufacturing costs as well.

DPS' solution
Considering those facts, French PLM company DPS used an approach of integration of analysis in the product design that is currently widespread in the automotive and aeronautics industries. According to Raphaël Lanez, manager of the project, this was the key to the project.
DPS staff also listened actively in order to meet PETZL's needs. The project proposals made by DPS provided critical insight and enabled them to anticipate their needs, to offer a new, non-intuitive geometry. They also resulted in the development of digital methods to optimize component weight.

One step further
In addition to reducing the weight of the carabiner by 25%, DPS enabled PETZL to save time by significantly lowering the number of CAD calculation iterations. PETZL even succeeded in obtaining a significant decrease in the number of prototypes and tests. These benefits led to a reduction in product development time, representing 3 to 4 working months, or 15% time savings gained for the project overall.

Following this very successful collaboration, PETZL wishes to apply these optimization and integration methods to the design of other products for the brand.

Read the full DPS / PETZL success story.

Discover how DPS solutions can help you.

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Friday, 22 January 2010

Image courtesy of Traceparts

Airbus' planes fly into the sky thanks to a lot of people working hard to make it happen. For that they also work with 3D tools to study, create, test, etc. every single part of each plane. Airbus and its partners in French plants are working on CATIA V5 to design the tooling. "The tooling is made up of a large number of standard parts bought from supplier catalogues: fastenings, clamping and handling parts, bushings, cylinders, etc. and each site or sub-contractor was modeling parts it needed with a specific name and level of detail", says Laurent SENOT, a Dassault Data Services consultant who works with Airbus.

This being said, Airbus was looking for a solution to simplify this process and get a homogeneous library of components that would be used by each site and suppliers.

Traceparts brought the solution

Our partner Traceparts is a French provider who delivers standard parts library seamlessly integrated with CATIA V5. They were choosen by Airbus France, Airbus Spain and Airbus UK for its functionalities, its content and its ability to adapt its solution to their specific requirements.

Additionnally to the fact that they are the only one library developer to have the status of CAA V5 Software Partner, they were able to customize their software on a number of imperatives leading to a close collaboration.

Traceparts and Airbus are working on a brand new version, currently in a deployment phase that integrates notable developments such as the automatic replacement of instanced parts by other components and allow Airbus to build its own parts into the library.

Discover how Traceparts can work for you. Read the full success story.

Alexandre and the Traceparts Team

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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

When you go for a ride or try a vehicle at a car dealer’s before buying a brand new one, one of the most important parameter is the comfort provided by the seats. There is no more direct contact between people and the machine excepted through the seats. It is also the second thing you can appreciate (or not) after the look of the car. This is why car and car-seats manufacturer must do their utmost to provide the future driver and passengers with the best user experience.

Faurecia needs it, LMS provides it!

Faurecia is Europe leading automotive seating system manufacturer and one of the top three worldwide. The company had two projects on which they had to find an optimal solution. One of them requiring kinematic and load calculations to be performed on a seat height adjuster mechanism controlled by the driver/passenger using a pump lever with a low operating torque for easy actuation and the other one on rear-vehicle storage capacity.

The solutions came thanks to LMS's software LMS Virtual.Lab Motion in which you can simulate the realistic motion and loads of mechanical systems. It permits design engineers to quickly analyze and optimize the real-world behavior of mechanical designs and to guarantee that they perform as expected, before committing to expensive physical prototype testing.

Design process improvement

On their first project Faurecia used the software to create a virtual model of the mechanism by importing data from CAD. LMS Virtual.Lab’s ability to represent non-permanent contact between parts - an important feature since contact plays a critical role in determining friction between so many moving parts. Modeling these contacts in LMS Virtual.Lab Motion lets seat engineers accurately predict normal and tangential forces on these components.

On the other project, Faurecia used LMS’ solutions to study the backrest fold-down capability to increase rear-vehicle storage capacity. Dynamic simulations were also used to study the real-life behavior of the car seat under actual passenger seating conditions. Currently under development, this "Easy Break" function relies on springs at the lever joints to help actuate the seat with minimal applied pressure.

1-2-3 model template for future designs

And that isn't all: thanks to LMS Virtual.Lab Motion, designers will gain a huge amount of time using this fold-down function. They will "just" have to enter key parameters into a simulation template instead of recreating models from scratch each time.

Now when you will seat on a car, you will probably ask yourself what's under it. Maybe you will talk about it to your car seller but I'm not sure they will help… So take advantage of this blogpost to ask your questions to LMS!

> Find out how LMS Virtual.Lab Motion can help you and discover the other solutions of LMS.
> Read the full LMS-Faurecia success story.


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Monday, 16 March 2009

In a recent newsletter, our partner Vision Numeric told us about their successes in the watch, jewellery and microtechnics industries. Vision Numeric is the software Company behind "Type3" solutions, and these solutions have just been put in place at Createch, a French company based in Besançon (near the Switzerland frontier). Createch is specialized in the design, development and production of these luxury parts, they are working for the most famous names of Place Vendôme (Paris).

Createch has been using CATIA software for many years with two 6 axes Bumotec S191 machining center. When their customers asked for engraved parts, Createch asked it to a Value Added Reseller and was put through Vision numeric. They are DS software partners for 6 years, specialized in artistic CAD CAM, and they could propose a solution. On-site qualifications allowed Createch users to confirm that Vision numeric add-in, Type3 CAAV5 Based, was the answer they needed. Createch placed an order and their team was trained within days. 

This story is interesting because it shows that partners solutions made available by our PLM MarketPlace partners can be quickly deployed to Small and Medium customers. We think sharing this kind of experience in SMB can be usefull for other customers also looking for solutions to their specialized needs. All of our referenced partners (Software and resellers) are invited to share with our community their success stories. Stories may be published on this blog and/or on our Customer pages.


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