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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

For those of you looking for some interesting reading during Summer time (and even after…), we have updated our blogroll. A few 3DS partners have launched their own blog where they share their views, insights, ideas,… on how 3D can change the world we live in.
This is pretty interesting and less formal/corporate than the usual talks we can have and an invitation to debate and express your opinion with the partner and the readers.

So now, update your bookmarks:

- AMD: discover the latest state-of-art 3D graphics cards brought to the market by AMD and fully compatible with Dassault Systèmes' solutions.
- CD-adapco: everything you wanted to know about Computational Fluids Dynamics (aka CFD) is explained here by CD-adapco.
- Creaform: 3D printing is making the buzz at the moment but did you ever consider a technology that works in pairs with it: 3D scanning? Discover the world of 3D handheld scanner with Creaform!
- Dimensional Controls Systems: those of you interested in the world of automotive or aerospace really have to discover the world of tolerance analysis, the world of DCS!
- Golaemhow will a crowd behave in such or such situation? This is the questions Golaem can answer thanks to its simulations tools!
- Theorem Solutions: ever wondered if it was possible to switch from a CAD system to another? Check out how with Theorem Solutions.

And of course, there is the Dassault Systèmes blog, the place to discover more 3D experiences, to learn more about the world of 3DS and share your vision of the 3D with the community!

Enjoy all these valuable sources of content and ways to exchange and have a great Summer time!

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Friday, 21 June 2013

Half of the year has passed and it is time to think about 2014... Like almost every year, our partner CD-adapco launches its famous calendar contest (click on the link for more details and T&Cs) and is looking for your contributions!

If your creation -designed with CD-adapco's solutions- is selected, not only it will appear on the 2014 calendar but you will also have a chance to win an iPad mini!

Don't loose time! Last year, more than 100 contributions were received last year! Competition will be tough!

Good luck and we look forward to seeing 2014 the way you designed it!
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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Jaguar Land Rover is using OPTIS solutions integrated in CATIA V5, to improve the design and lighting of their car interiors, as well as the visbility and legibility of information on their dashboard instrumentation.

OPTIS solutions enable OEMS and suppliers around the world to answer questions like : 
- How will my car interior look using this new dashboard material? How will it look if I change the color? How will it appear at various different times of day and in various different places around the world? 
- I’m designing a convertible, I need to be sure that when the hood’s down, our customers can still see the controls... 
- Will the driver be able to see the dashboard controls when the sun is shining directly on them from the side window? What would happen to the visibility if I altered the angle of the display, or changed its background material ? Is all the information on my new control panel legible; can I reduce the number of light guides but still maintain the legibility? 
- How can I be sure that components from different suppliers will ‘look good’ when I integrate them in my car interior? 
- I recently drove a car which had a really annoying reflection of the dashboard in the windscreen. It was so bad it was almost dangerous. I have to be sure our future car won’t have any, but how can I be certain before I produce the first physical prototype?

OPTIS rendering and visualisation solutions are unique in taking into account the optical properties of materials and surfaces, giving the customer the guarantee that their simulation results will be how the final product will really appear. They are also unique in taking into account human vision, and can even detect potential problem areas such as unwanted reflections, glare, areas of low visibility and stray light.

Note that OPTIS solutions, including the SPEOS for CATIA V5 product range which is available on the PLM MarketPlace, are used in various industries, including: aerospace, high-tech, automotive, CPG,...

The OPTIS Team

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is key in various industries: aerospace and automotive of course, but also in the energy, consumer goods or high-tech sectors as well.

CD-adapco, a world leader in CFD holds its annual STAR Global Conference in Amsterdam, March 19-21. This is a unique opportunity to discover all the power of Computational Fluid Dynamics, discover the company's latest software and innovations (including STAR-CCM+ V7).

This year's theme is "One Conference, a World of Engineering Success." Applications and demonstrations will include, aerospace & defense, automotive, electronics, battery, turbomachinery, building, oil & gas, energy and marine examples.

If you can't attend the event but want to know more about CFD, have a look at some videos from CD-adapco. They are pretty clear and demonstrate all the value of their solutions with regard to various challenges.
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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Last month, two PLM MarketPlace partners coming from Belgium, LMS International and SAMTECH, announced they joined forces to serve best the aerospace and automotive industries.

By acquiring a significant part of SAMTECH, LMS International wants it to become the center of the worldwide aerospace simulation business in the group. Both companies' simulation solutions are already widely used by this industry (at EADS, ALENIA Aeronautica, ONERA,...) but also by the automotive industry (Renault, PSA,...).

With SAMTECH, LMS International intends to be the leader in test, mechatronic simulation and advanced structures analysis domains. Of course, the goal is to deliver more value than ever to the customers of these two industries in particular. "These solutions enable our customers to take full advantage of the emerging model-based system engineering approach, and to win by superior product innovation. We truly empower our customers by business transformation and next generation processes to develop more attractive, sustainable and smart products." explains Dr. Vandeurzen, LMS International CEO.

Thanks to this integration SAMTECH will benefit from the strong international network of LMS International but also from its presence in other key industries where the use of their solutions would make sense. For Eric Carnoy, CEO of LMS SAMTECH, "The powerful complementary between SAMTECH and LMS will greatly extend the SAMTECH leading company position in structural analysis, including linear and non-linear CAE simulation, structural optimization and coupled multiphysics. The unique combination of SAMTECH's simulation solutions with the LMS hybrid engineering portfolio creates tremendous value for really all manufacturing companies".

Both LMS International and LMS SAMTECH solutions are available on the PLM MarketPlace catalog: LMS Virtual.Lab Designer Acoustics, LMS Virtual.Lab Designer Fatigue, LMS Virtual.Lab Designer Motion, LMS Virtual.Lab Designer Structure and SAMTECH Samcef.

We wish LMS International and LMS SAMTECH a lot of success in their business!

The PLM MarketPlace Team
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Monday, 17 January 2011

Golaem is a software company that focuses on populating 3D worlds with autonomous virtual humans. Golaem helps creators and engineers to bring life to their digital worlds by providing virtual humans integrated in their favorite platforms.

Based on state-of-the-art academic researches, Golaem technologies include real-time animation, navigation, and human behaviors, from single characters to functional crowds. Golaem offers a decisive progress to customers by combining those fundamentals of human behaviors into standalone products. Designed for digital entertainment and simulation, Golaem's products enable to streamline digital content creation and save valuable production time.

The 3DVIA Virtools integration:
• Brings most of the features and capabilities of the following Golaem software components
o Golaem Motion: motion playing, blending, mixing, retargeting and advanced control
o Golaem Path: navigation mesh automatic extraction, reactive navigation and 3D path finding
o Golaem Behavior Pack: composing basic behaviors using task operators, character navigation
• Enables the use of virtual humans without having to write a single line of code
• Can be used in web based applications

This will enable you to start quickly making human simulations in your 3DVIA Virtools applications. Check our YouTube channel to see how it works and the different use cases we are able to cover.

The Golaem Team

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