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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

For those of you looking for some interesting reading during Summer time (and even after…), we have updated our blogroll. A few 3DS partners have launched their own blog where they share their views, insights, ideas,… on how 3D can change the world we live in.
This is pretty interesting and less formal/corporate than the usual talks we can have and an invitation to debate and express your opinion with the partner and the readers.

So now, update your bookmarks:

- AMD: discover the latest state-of-art 3D graphics cards brought to the market by AMD and fully compatible with Dassault Systèmes' solutions.
- CD-adapco: everything you wanted to know about Computational Fluids Dynamics (aka CFD) is explained here by CD-adapco.
- Creaform: 3D printing is making the buzz at the moment but did you ever consider a technology that works in pairs with it: 3D scanning? Discover the world of 3D handheld scanner with Creaform!
- Dimensional Controls Systems: those of you interested in the world of automotive or aerospace really have to discover the world of tolerance analysis, the world of DCS!
- Golaemhow will a crowd behave in such or such situation? This is the questions Golaem can answer thanks to its simulations tools!
- Theorem Solutions: ever wondered if it was possible to switch from a CAD system to another? Check out how with Theorem Solutions.

And of course, there is the Dassault Systèmes blog, the place to discover more 3D experiences, to learn more about the world of 3DS and share your vision of the 3D with the community!

Enjoy all these valuable sources of content and ways to exchange and have a great Summer time!

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Monday, 19 November 2012

A few days after Orlando, we have now landed in Brussels where we are delighted to meet you for the 3DEXPERIENCE FORUM Europe. The agenda of these two days is pretty dense but it is really worth attending! (By the way, we had the chance to ear Joseph Pine in Orlando, we're sure you'll appreciate his speech too...).

We've just finished to set up the PLM MarketPlace booth in the Agora where we found a lot of logos we are familiar with. See by yourself, you will have the chance to meet 13 partners part of the PLM MarketPlace. Keonys, Tata Technologies, Technia, Processia and T-Systems on the PLM Solutions Partners (VARs) side. Geometric Ltd, IGE+XAO, OPTIS, Theorem Solutions, Transcat and AIRBUS CIMPA on the Software Partners side. Last but not least, our Technology Partners AMD and Noomeo will be there too to showcase their latest innovations.

Don't hesitate to stop by the PLM MarketPlace booth at any time, should you need more information about our partners or the program. We are here to help!

And, as for Orlando, follow the #3DXforum hashtag on Twitter to get live news from the forum!

See you tomorrow, now it is time for a "gaufre" and a "bière" :-)
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Friday, 27 January 2012

You wanted to see the OptiNum 3D scanner live in action for a long time but never had the opportunity to see it?

Noomeo offers you the opportunity to feel the experience of live 3D scanning with OptiNum and all of this, right from your office or even from home!

You just need a computer and an internet connection to participate to a webinar session thanks to an ergonomic platform. Through the live broadcast of the camera and the PC of Noomeo, the demonstrator (Noomeo engineers, most of the time) will show you all the steps of a scan process with OptiNum. You will see by yourself how our solution interacts perfectly with your current of future CATIA configuration.

Noomeo offers you the choice between different themes:
- General demonstration of OptiNum
- Demonstration in a reverse engineering process
- Demonstration in a CAD compare process

Now, it’s up to you to choose the session that fits the best with your needs.
The Noomeo team will propose you a date within the next two weeks.

Please register from the Noomeo website and then just sit back, relax and enjoy the demo!

The Noomeo team

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Wednesday, 03 August 2011

One of the mottos of PLM MarketPlace has always been "Connecting Partners". We believe that joining forces is the best way to deliver all the value companies can bring to customers. This is what Dassault Systèmes and its ecosystem do.

Today, we would like to share a story we are quiet proud of. You have surely heared of Noomeo, a French 3D scanners manufacturer. They are very active on the PLM MarketPlace blog. Thanks to the PLM MarketPlace, Noomeo found a new business partner located several thousands kilometers away from Toulouse, where they are based!

Noomeo signed a distribution agreement with MediaTec (Mexico) at le Bourget Airshow last June. Both companies came to each other thanks to the PLM MarketPlace of Dassault Systèmes. "The long term cooperation inside the Dassault Systèmes ecosystem gives back results in terms of networking and partners around the world", said Vincent LEMONDE, CEO of Noomeo. 

"MediaTec is proud to represent Noomeo in this area of the world. In Mexico, both the education and industrial markets grow very fast. The orientation of OptiNum and NumiSoft toward the industrial needs corresponds perfectly to the expectations of the customers of MediaTec", said Alfred RODRIGUEZ President of MediaTec.

Bringing Noomeo's solutions to the Mexican market is clearly a great achievement for both companies and will, of course, benefit to local customers. The web has the power to reduce time and distances but when talking about business, proximity and contact in real life are key, don't you agree?

Noomeo and the PLM MarketPlace teams
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Friday, 15 April 2011

Inventis is an engineering company specialized in digital design. It is equipped with CATIA software for the design studies and 3DVIA Composer for the creation of instructions of assembly for design. Inventis has a real know-how for: 
- Industrialization projects 
- Prototypes and specific engine research 
- On site statement and scanning

Inventis is a subcontractor of Alstom in Belfort (France) in the field of big power’s plants on production sites. The company was in charge to help them measure important parts of the alternators currently in maintenance process.

The company had chosen to acquire the OptiNum 3D scanner through the company Keonys, a distributor of Noomeo, and also the main distributor of Dassault Systèmes software solutions in France.

We looked for a scanning solution as a complement to our manual method. The intervention on the alternator is complicated and requires to find one hundred of measures, but certain parts are inaccessible for us due to their geometry. Thanks to the 3D OptiNum scanner, we can make the measures on complex forms, as for example one "slanted circle» and a stator bar (picture). We made our first measures at the end of 2010 with the OptiNum scanner on General Electric machines in the United States. The results are very positive. We imported the point clouds file on a CATIA’s module and proceeded to the reconstruction of a RDS surface to get a 3D CAD model”, explains Pascal Breniaux, founder and manager of Inventis.

Ergonomic, so flexible and very successful product, a training day is enough for mastering the tool.

The OptiNum 3D scanner’s use opens for us new markets for very specialized services. Three hours were enough to scan the stator bar in the United States in real situation. In our return, we presented positive results to our Alstom customer. Create 3D digital models and allow our customer to participate in the international calls for niche markets are a new realistic challenge. We are now ready for this challenge”, concludes Pascal Breniaux.

Stay tuned for all the next news of Noomeo!

The Noomeo team

Inventis is a Keonys customer.

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Friday, 10 December 2010

As you read in Alexandre's "ECF2010: first agora tour" blogpost, Noomeo was present at this major customer event, as a Dassault Systèmes' technological partner. We were delighted to welcome visitors at our booth, showing the value and capabilities of the OptiNum 3D scanner. In addition, Ludovic BRETHES, our CSO, held a conference in partnership with Dassault Aviation, about "Automatic control of complex assembly using 3D Digital Mockup and Scanning". As you can see, around 90 people were happy to discover this new and promising cooperation:

For the 3rd year, Noomeo participated at the Euromold trade show in Frankfurt (Germany), from December 1st to 4th, 2010. Once again, it’s a new success for OptiNum and our team!

The OptiNum 3D scanner "shines" and "flashes" again thanks to its innovative features, in front of the 60.000 visitors coming from all around the world. The rich diversity among the exhibitors present this year confirms us the importance of OptiNum's place in the industrial market. The different experts from Moldmaking and Tooling to Design and Application Development were mainly interested by the new features related to "edge measurement" and "point clouds regular sampling".

But... during the show, the elements were against us! We faced flights delays due to the snow which led to some luggage lost, set up the booth in the middle of the night, all of this in a cold and icy weather... We, living in Toulouse and its 20°C in early December, we are not used to that :-). Nevertheless, we found some energy and were in the starting blocks, ready to welcome you!

See you next year!

The Noomeo team

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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Noomeo, together with its partners Dassault Systèmes, Raison Pure and Strate Collège Designers, introduced the concept of «Beyond ideas : When virtual sublimates the beauty experience» in the BEYOND BEAUTY – Creative Trade Show that took place in Paris from September 13th to 15th, 2010.

Noomeo's partners, with their respective skills, illustrated this concept using the lifecycle of a cosmetic object, from its design to its market launch and promotion. Noomeo introduced its OptiNum 3D scanner technology at different steps of the industrial process: design and marketing, production quality control, virtual customer experience.

Thanks to their cooperation with Dassault Systèmes, the team made of Noomeo , Strate Collège Designers and Raison Pure were able to federate this concept into a coherent software suite. The message was very well received by the cosmetic industry and by the designers. Noomeo expects significant returns from the introduction of this 3D scanning innovative technology in this fast growing business.

More than words, let's enjoy a live demo of Noomeo's OptiNum performed at Beyond Beauty Paris 2010!

The Noomeo Team

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Thursday, 09 September 2010

You've got an idea, you've got a project, you've got talent but you don't have the means to make it come true? Then, you should read this blogpost until the end (like you did with all the previous ones ;-)).

Our partner Creaform is one of the leaders in the field of 3D scanning with its wide range of 3D handheld scanners, including EXAscan, MAXscan, REVscan, UNIscan and VIUscan, all available on the PLM MarketPlace. They also have expertise in long-range scanning, inspection, reverse engineering, design, FEA, and so on.

Until October 1st, 2010, submit the project of your dreams to Creaform and they offer to help you make it real! Among all the competitors, 3 entries will be selected and offered the following prizes:
- One (1) Nothing is impossible! Prize (a value of 20,000$) 
- Two (2) Consider it done! Prizes (a value of 2,000$ each)

If you think Creaform can help you with its powerful solutions, don't hesitate anymore, submit your project! Visit the "Creaform - Put us to the test! 2010 Challenge" to know more and apply!

We wish you all good luck and don't hesitate to come back here to tell us you're one of the three winners!

Anthony Rosendo, on behalf of the PLM MarketPlace Team
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Monday, 14 June 2010

On May, 12th 2010 took place the DS PLM FORUM in Slovenia. For Noomeo, present as a sponsor, this was the opportunity to meet CAD-CAM companies, Dassault Systèmes' solutions distributor. This meeting has been an opportunity for “live” in common demonstrations on Noomeo booth, which presented point clouds acquisition thanks to OptiNum scanner and data integration in the CATIA platform.

Noomeo booth @ PLM Forum Slovenia

From May 26th to 27th, 2010, was held DS PLM FORUM in Czech Republic. Noomeo, as a sponsor, got the chance to meet Technodat, a Dassault Systèmes VAR. From this collaboration was born for Noomeo the opportunity to become known in this region of EMEA, as Technodat would like to integrate Noomeo supply in its next communications.

Noomeo booth @ PLM Forum Czech-Republic

Noomeo attended to the DS PLM FORUM in Belgium on June, 2nd 2010. The innovative company participated in partnership with Keonys, a Noomeo solutions distributor, and first Dassault Systèmes solutions distributor and integrator in Belgium. This association has been a success thanks to common “live” demonstrations where visitors were introduced to a complete process: the combination between 3D OptiNum scanner point clouds acquisition and the integration of these data for use in CATIA.

On June, 9th 2010, took place 2 events at DS Campus in Paris: “Les Rencontres” (the French event for Customers) through a conference on the V6 and last Dassault Systèmes news and also “La Tribu” presenting a panorama of Dassault Systèmes 3D and virtual technologies for the children of its customers.
Noomeo team had the pleasure to be on “La Tribu” way with its OptiNum 3D scanner. This was an opportunity to share an unique 3D experience with children: scanning their faces with OptiNum, followed, in partnership with IMMERSION, by exploitation and manipulation of 3D face in their Holocubtile.
In parallel to this animation, M.Vincent LEMONDE, Noomeo CEO, in partnership with Dassault Systèmes represented by M. Sébastien ROSEL, head of Design Studio designers, have participated to a conference session on “Co-Design Engineering”.

Did you have the opportunity to meet us at one of these events? Do you want to know more about the potential of 3D scanners for your business? Then don't hestitate to leave comments here, we'd love to talk about it with you!

The Noomeo Team

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Monday, 24 August 2009

When talking with moto bikers, some of them tell they love their vehicle more than their wives! And at the end of the discussion, you imagine how desperate these women can be… (sounds a little bit cliché, doesn’t it? ;-) Bikers always take good care of their bike, making its maintenance always on time, polishing it and removing every single dead mosquito on the lights. But above all, they want their motorbike to be unique. And here comes the difficulty for parts manufacturers!

Zeel Design is one of them. The firm works on engineering, consulting and manufacturing of specialized parts and vehicles. They received a request from a customer wanting to enlarge the rear wheel of his Harley-Davidson. The challenge was to redesign some existing key-parts of the bike as accurately as possible but also as fast as possible.

The solution came thanks to Creaform. Creaform has developed the Handyscan 3D line of products. These revolutionizing self-positioning handheld 3D laser scanners provide very high accuracy files that can be exported to most CAD platforms and inspection and animation software. Due to its true portability, versatility and accuracy, the Handyscan 3D line of products makes 3D scanning more simple than ever.

Discover now how, by using the EXAscan, Zeel Design managed to reduce by 70-90% the time spent previously on CAD drawings and reverse engineering process. Results, both in terms of time saving and accuracy are astonishing!

In the end, whether you like it bigger or smaller, Creaform’s scanners can help you to make it in less time!

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