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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Here we are folks, the first day of this year's 3DEXPERIENCE Customer FORUM North America is over (time for gambling now, maybe ;-)). What a day! We had the chance to share our vision with our customers, partners, analysts, journalists. And, for sure, it looks like the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform gets a positive echo among all our communities.

One of the highlights of the day was Lynn Tilton's (founder and CEO of Patriarch Partners) speech during the plenary session. Her vision of the role of an entrepreneur, the way a company has to adapt to survive, the place of dreams in innovation or how Dassault Systèmes' 3DEXPERIENCE Platform can contribute to make a better world,… is so inspiring!

The possibilities offered by the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform were illustrated by Paul Lomangino, Director of Engineering Applications at Tesla Motors and Olivier Sappin, VP for the Transportation and Mobility Industry at Dassault Systèmes. Connecting the dots within a company and even outside with suppliers, OEMs, etc… is what the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is all about and perfectly illustrated by the Tesla case.

Now, let's have a look at what our partners brought in Vegas. Amazing things as you can imagine. This is when you go through the 3DEXPERIENCE Playground that you realize how the 3DS ecosystem is rich and the value it brings to customer is huge.

We first stopped by Boxx's booth to meet Brian and Joe. Boxx is a Technology Partner delivering high performance workstations specializing on high performance rendering (several GPUs working in parallel).

Next to Boxx is zSpace. Randy and Gregg welcomed us and presented us combined solutions for immersive 3D virtual learning experiences which was developed in cooperation with the 3DVIA Composer team.

Our well established partner Barco was here too with its huge 3D screen. Huge doesn't mean hard to handle for Barco! See: it only takes 40 minutes to get this 4K 8.5ft x 5ft out of its transportation container and have it running! Add another couple of hours for alignment and you're done!

Back to software now with a famous PLM MarketPlace partner: Geometric Limited. Manish, Jeff and Ashish detailed their different levels of partnerships with Dassault Systèmes which include, among others, software development and reseller. Their final motivation is to "empower the business intent".

One of the Gold sponsors of the event is another PLM MarketPlace partner: CoastalLogic. As you may know, this company develops solutions for batch printing and PDF rendering right in ENOVIA: printLogic and convertLogic. Shaun Dawson, the company's CEO held a session for the Aerospace & Defense industry in order to demonstrate how his solution can help companies to solve document stamping in today's environment of rapidly-changing requirements.

As you can see with this first overview, there's a 3DS partner for almost everything! We'll continue our tour in the 3DEXPERIENCE Playground tomorrow. Bear with us to discover more partners and the value they bring to the market!

Now, it's time for gambling! :-)

One last thing: if you wish to follow the event on Twitter, the ashtag is #3DXforum! And if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask using this ashtag.

Michael & Anthony

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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Jaguar Land Rover is using OPTIS solutions integrated in CATIA V5, to improve the design and lighting of their car interiors, as well as the visbility and legibility of information on their dashboard instrumentation.

OPTIS solutions enable OEMS and suppliers around the world to answer questions like : 
- How will my car interior look using this new dashboard material? How will it look if I change the color? How will it appear at various different times of day and in various different places around the world? 
- I’m designing a convertible, I need to be sure that when the hood’s down, our customers can still see the controls... 
- Will the driver be able to see the dashboard controls when the sun is shining directly on them from the side window? What would happen to the visibility if I altered the angle of the display, or changed its background material ? Is all the information on my new control panel legible; can I reduce the number of light guides but still maintain the legibility? 
- How can I be sure that components from different suppliers will ‘look good’ when I integrate them in my car interior? 
- I recently drove a car which had a really annoying reflection of the dashboard in the windscreen. It was so bad it was almost dangerous. I have to be sure our future car won’t have any, but how can I be certain before I produce the first physical prototype?

OPTIS rendering and visualisation solutions are unique in taking into account the optical properties of materials and surfaces, giving the customer the guarantee that their simulation results will be how the final product will really appear. They are also unique in taking into account human vision, and can even detect potential problem areas such as unwanted reflections, glare, areas of low visibility and stray light.

Note that OPTIS solutions, including the SPEOS for CATIA V5 product range which is available on the PLM MarketPlace, are used in various industries, including: aerospace, high-tech, automotive, CPG,...

The OPTIS Team

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Wednesday, 04 April 2012

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) plays an increasingly critical role in modern Formula 1, not only in the design analysis of vehicle aerodynamics, but also in engine development through advanced in-cylinder simulation. CD-adapco is helping expert engine supplier Renault Sport F1 by providing engineering simulation tools that aid the development of innovative solutions allowing « Powered by Renault » teams to compete at the front of the field again in 2012/13 also to the clean-sheet design of an entirely new power unit for the 2014 season.

Design of Experiment

The Renault Sport F1 engine design engineers use CD-adapco's CFD tools, STAR-CCM+ and STAR-CD to rapidly explore new concepts and validate design variables through the use of DOE (Design Of Experiment) thus accelerating the design process by eliminating costly prototyping and testing phases. 

This year, Renault Sport F1 is representing one-quarter of the field by supplying four teams; Red Bull Racing, Lotus F1 Team, Caterham F1 Team and Williams F1 Team. In the previous two seasons, Renault Sport F1 engines have powered Red Bull Racing to consecutive World Championships.

Simulation is vital

Cédric Libert, Head of the simulation department, Renault Sport F1 commented, "CFD technology plays a fundamental role in the design and development of a modern F1 engine. The ability to simulate the behavior and performance of our designs quickly and accurately has a direct influence on our on-track performance. In addition to providing highly optimized solutions for the current V8 era, one of our biggest challenges at the moment is to develop the most innovative, energy saving 1.6 V6 turbocharged engine for the 2014 season. It is very clear that numerical simulation is vital for Renault Sport F1 to be able deliver this brand new F1 engine in less than 30 months. Through the extensive use of DOE, and with CD-adapco’s STAR-CCM+ and STAR-CD solutions and expertise, we can innovate and heavily reduce our time to market. We are pleased to continue our relationship with CD-adapco, an acknowledged leader in this field, as we work towards our 2014 deadline.

CD-adapco leads the race

Like all of the technology associated with Renault Sport F1, CD-adapco's products continue to evolve at great speed in order to stay in front of the competition. CD-adapco provides state-of-the-art simulation technologies for a broad range of applications including engine combustion, intake and exhaust, thermal cooling, batteries, electric motors, and turbochargers.

"Renault Sport F1’s success is built around teamwork and CD-adapco is proud to be a part of that team," said Bill Clark, CD-adapco’s VP Operations. "We have always been recognized as the leading tool in the automotive industry and are happy to continue demonstrating this by collaborating with winning industry partners like Renault Sport F1."

To discover more usages of CD-adapco's CFD solutions in the automotive industry, read the Automotive Special Report and the Automotive brochure.

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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

ECF 2010 is now going on and everyone's enjoying it. After this morning's plenary session including some customers' testimonies, guest are now invited to attend sessions, meet experts and Dassault Systèmes' partners in the Agora.

Concerning the PLM MarketPlace, we are located next to Microsoft's showroom where people can relax and have fun by trying the brand new Kinect! It's funny for us to see people jumping and laughing all day long :).

Time to relax with Microsoft Kinect...

Now, we'd like to offer you a virtual tour of the Agora. We've stopped by our partners' booths asking them to present their companies and solutions.

Noomeo: scanning the event 

I met with André Joly and Mathieu André from Noomeo at their booth. They were performing a nice demonstration of their product Optinum, a 3D-handheld scanner weighting only 1,8kg. Have a look at the video we’ve made with them to see how easy is it to use this powerful device.

Here are some additional news about Noomeo on this blog.

Rapid modeling with Forcefive
Next stop was at Forcefive's booth where I met Stefan, Christian and Ian. They were happy to show me live the capabilities of their software Fast Concept Modeller used for modeling in the automotive industry.

Find out more about Forcefive on the PLM MarketPlace blog.

I hope you enjoyed these first insights of ECF2010 with our partners exhibiting here. I'll come back tomorrow with some new great stuff to show you.

Talk to you soon...


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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

This is day 2 of this year's Dassault Systèmes Customers Conference (DSCC2010). With PLM MarketPlace being there these two days, in a way, all our Referenced Partners made the trip to Florida!

But as we said in some previous blogposts, a few of them are really present in Orlando. This is the case of Forcefive (Gold sponsor) and CoastalLogic (Silver sponsor). I invite you to know a little bit more about them...

I first met the Forcefive team made of Stefan Bikanic, Christian Fritz, Thomas Schmidt and Ian Phillips. Forcefive held a conference based on an usecase at BMW: "Accelerating innovation in global automotive development" which was successful in terms of attendees. Their solution, Fast Concept Modeller, enables very fast creation of models and their variants and reduces cycle times at the early concept stages. Stefan was pretty happy to be there at DSCC2010, "where everything is done the American way, everything is huge". If you did not have the opportunity to meet the Forcefive team in Orlando, they'll be present at ECF 2010 in a couple of weeks in Paris and will present some fresh content during a session.

The Forcefive Team

My next visit was to Shaun Dawson, Khanh Dao, Wayne Hoit and Andrea Young, the CoastalLogic's team. CoastalLogic joined PLM MarketPlace a few months ago. At DSCC2010, people had the opportunity to enjoy live demos of two of their products working with ENOVIA: printLogic for batch printing and convertLogic for PDF rendering. These solutions allow high customization and are very easy to use. "DSCC was for us an opportunity to interact with existing clients and prospects. It was an enjoyable experience" Shaun told me. He'll be also in Paris for the ECF 2010 looking forward to meeting new people.

The CoastaLogic team

From my perspective, I had a really good time there, networking with experts from our partners but also with customers. It is always a pleasure to make them discover our ecosystem of partners and the value they can bring to their Dassault Systèmes configuration.

It is now time to fly back to Paris, have some post-DSCC2010 calls and meetings. And also to prepare our next big event: ECF 2010! Don't miss the opportunity to meet us there!

See you in Paris in a couple of week.

Anthony Rosendo, on behalf of the PLM MarketPlace Team

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Friday, 27 August 2010

Tesla Motors has selected Dimensional Control Systems (DCS)’s 1DCS and 3DCS solutions to provide tolerance analysis as part of its commitment to lead the automotive industry in quality with the development of the Model S.

Tesla’s design engineers are using 1DCS in the earliest stages of product development to explore hypothetical designs for rapid evaluation and iteration throughout development of the Model S. 3DCS will provide the tools to run precise tolerance analyses of the Model S design and the associated manufacturing process using the Functional Tolerancing and Analysis (FTA) process in CATIA.

“We are pushing the automotive and engineering limits at Tesla in our development of the Model S,” said Tesla Motors Dimensional Engineering Manager Steve Bannasch. “To ensure our cars are first in quality, we must be the very best in fit and finish. DCS allows us to achieve our goals without adding unnecessary cost. Their solution is completely integrated with CATIA and provides the most flexibility of design. The DCS team has clearly taken the time to research the differences between rigid and flexible materials and the impact they have on tolerances.”

What kind of processes do you use to ensure fit, finish and function? Do you take advantage of dimensional engineering?

The DCS Team

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Thursday, 05 November 2009

The challenging economic climate of the last year means that it is very important to have an accurate uptodate view of market opportunity. Theorem Solutions has recently completed an in depth study on CAD data exchange in the UK West Midlands Automotive supply chain which has revealed CATIA’s leading position in UK automotive design and manufacturing companies.

The objective of the study was to identify the types and scale of challenges experienced in CAD data exchange amongst the UK West Midlands Automotive Suppliers. This detail is important to Theorem in order to ensure the development and supply of the ideal interoperability technology to meet the current and anticipated future needs of this important industry sector.

Whilst the core objectives of the project were to identify CAD data exchange problems the work revealed a great deal of further information, including the mix of CAD systems in place. In this respect the project discovered that CATIA dominates the UK West Midlands automotive supply chain with more than twice the number of installations as the next nearest CAD system. When the number of installed workstations is considered the CATIA dominance is seen to be even greater.

The market research confirmed that data exchange is still a problem for many companies in the automotive sector. CATIA emerges as the most widely used CAD system in the survey and this reinforces Theorem’s commitment to providing CATIA users with ‘best in class’ interoperability solutions.

Do these findings match your experience of automotive supply chains?
Do you have problems with data exchange?

The Theorem Team

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