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Monday, 11 June 2012

As you may have understood, we really believe in the benefits of social networks. Because Facebook, Twitter or YouTube are not all about fun but also business, we've been there for a while now. These channels offer a unique opportunity for us and our partners to show what we do and demonstrate the value brought by our respective solutions. Thanks to social networks, we have never been so close to our customers, offering the possibility to source their inputs and share our knowledge.

As of today, more than the half of the PLM MarketPlace Partners are present on YouTube, Facebook, you name it... Below you will find a list of their respective pages. We tried to make it as comprehensive as possible but we may have missed something, so don't hesitate to add your inputs in the comments!




Coastal Logic 







Geometric Ltd   






Theorem Solutions  



Today, corporate websites are not the unique source of information anymore. This is something we really have to bear in mind. Social networks are a huge source of information, knowledge and experience sharing. There is a lot of value in them. And, most important, we, the users, are at the centre of it. 

Are you active on our partners' social networks? Tell us what are the benefits to get from it! On the opposite, maybe you are part of the people who do not see the benefits of it, we'd be happy to know why!

This post aims at being the "official" page listing our Partners' social networks so bookmark it and visit it regularly since we really believe the list will get longer and longer over the time!

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Monday, 18 January 2010

Dear readers,

During last ECF09, you may have been interviewed by some people asking you questions about social medias, Web 2.0, communities,... We gathered hundreds of answers among visitors and exhibitors, allowing us to figure out how much PLM professionals know about these topics.

If you are interested in discovering the results of this poll performed by Dassault Systèmes on the IT/PLM professional community, you are welcome to attend the webinar

Social Media in Europe : result of a poll focused on IT professionals usage

on Wednesday January 20th at 4 pm (Paris Time) Duration: 30 min.

During this free webinar I will share with you the results of this face-to-face poll conducted on 330 IT professionals.

Topics covered:

- Spontaneous Awareness of social media
- Suggested Awareness of social media (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Viadeo,…)
- Social media actual registration pattern
- Frequency of use
- Private/ professional balance usage per media
- Best choice for professional use

If you are willing to attend, add this event to your Calendar and register.

Best regards;

The Dassault Systèmes e-Marketing Corporate Practice Team


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Thursday, 24 December 2009

We are almost at the end of 2009 and I take a short break before tonight's Christmas celebration to have a look at how the PLM MarketPlace program evolved this year...

First, many new Referenced Partners joined bringing along a lot of new, innovative and comprehensive solution one click away from customers:
- Elsys, with CATELECTRE, ELECTRE and SMARTELECTRE in the field of electrical harness design;
- Icona Solutions, with the aesthetica product range helping you to face perceived quality challenges;
- Magestic and its Truenest and Truelaser View solutions for the composite manufacturing process;
- Mecamaster, with Mecamaster Analysis (Tolerance analysis);
- Noomeo, offering handheld 3D-scanners.
Take a look at what they offer and don't hesitate to drop their solutions in your shopping cart if need a quote or simply just more information!

We had also dozens of Value Added Resellers joining the program. They are now almost 100 all over the world able to deliver all the solutions listed on the PLM MarketPlace catalog to their customers.

The motto of the PLM MarketPlace has always been "Connecting Partners". Thus, we wanted to go a step ahead and open new channels where Referenced Partners, VARs and Customers would have the opportunity to interact:
- We launched a Twitter in April and today, more than 600 people (mostly users, partners, and 3D enthusiasts) follow us and discuss! Join them for free on Twitter!
- "See what you mean" is Dassault Systèmes' motto. This is why we gathered all the videos of our Referenced Partners on a dedicated channel on YouTube. People can now see for real what their software do, ask questions and share the videos in an easy way.
- Last but not least, something we are very proud of: the PLM MarketPlace application for iPhone. Thanks to it, bring all the PLM MarketPlace (RSS news, blog and, above all, the catalog, including product datasheets, videos and images) whereever you go! This application is free and can be downloaded from Apple's App Store.

This was all the exciting stuff we did in 2009! But we've been working on even more cool things for 2010! Next year, PLM MarketPlace will bring you even more opportunities. Want to know what? I suggest you to come back here next week... ;-)

I would like also to thank all our PLM MarketPlace partners all over the world for helping our customers every day with their solutions and knowledge.

On behalf of all the PLM MarketPlace Team, I wish everyone a merry Christmas.

Anthony Rosendo

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Thursday, 29 October 2009

What if PLM was as easy as watching a video on YouTube?
People's habits are changing. When they want to find an answer to a question they just log on internet and try to find the right answer. And as it is well said, a picture is as good as 1000 words. That's what people are looking for when they make a search on YouTube; they are trying to find a valuable content. People are looking to content that will provide, fun, tips, facts, tutorials, etc. they don't want another TV ad.
And that's precisely the thing that our partner can provide to their user community. Nice and valuable content that will bring them useful information about their products, tips on how to use it, demo of what the product can do.

One minute of video worth dozens of slides
There are thousands of videos on YouTube. You can find all and everything on it and interact with the authors. But the thing is that sometimes it's hard to find the right content and not all those videos are useful or with high rated interest.
When it comes to put our content on such websites, there is always the fear of not to being fund. Or maybe people are going to find part of our message and it could bring to a misunderstanding. So that's why we've created a PLM MarketPlace channel in order to group all of the content in one single place. 

YouTube is not just for kids! Broadcast your business!
This social media thing is not always easy to understand. What is the value of putting my content on YouTube for example?  Of course it's a great way to get more visibility, but it's also a great way to spread useful information about partner's products and their utilization. 

    • End-users aren't lost anymore. There is no need to spend hours in searching for the right videos. They can have a quick and interactive demonstration.
    • This way, solution providers can explain what their products can do and how to use it. It's an overview of the product that allows people to understand the real value of solutions.
    • Resellers can take a look at products demonstration and understand quickly what they're doing and which value they can give to customers. Also, by putting together those videos in one single place it allows users and resellers to find every solution demonstrations.

But the important thing everybody has to keep in mind is "valuable content"! The videos your putting on YouTube has to be useful, interesting, allowing people to interact with you and spread the information.
A video without any sound and/or any text with a low quality, will bring frustration, misunderstanding or people are going to switch to another video because you didn't catch their attention. Those media has to be carefully made, providing the best information in the easiest way to understand it.

Personnally, I found videos made by Creaform, Geometric and Theorem inspiring just because there is a voice explaning the meaning of what you see. What about you, what are your favorites?


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