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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Last month, two PLM MarketPlace partners coming from Belgium, LMS International and SAMTECH, announced they joined forces to serve best the aerospace and automotive industries.

By acquiring a significant part of SAMTECH, LMS International wants it to become the center of the worldwide aerospace simulation business in the group. Both companies' simulation solutions are already widely used by this industry (at EADS, ALENIA Aeronautica, ONERA,...) but also by the automotive industry (Renault, PSA,...).

With SAMTECH, LMS International intends to be the leader in test, mechatronic simulation and advanced structures analysis domains. Of course, the goal is to deliver more value than ever to the customers of these two industries in particular. "These solutions enable our customers to take full advantage of the emerging model-based system engineering approach, and to win by superior product innovation. We truly empower our customers by business transformation and next generation processes to develop more attractive, sustainable and smart products." explains Dr. Vandeurzen, LMS International CEO.

Thanks to this integration SAMTECH will benefit from the strong international network of LMS International but also from its presence in other key industries where the use of their solutions would make sense. For Eric Carnoy, CEO of LMS SAMTECH, "The powerful complementary between SAMTECH and LMS will greatly extend the SAMTECH leading company position in structural analysis, including linear and non-linear CAE simulation, structural optimization and coupled multiphysics. The unique combination of SAMTECH's simulation solutions with the LMS hybrid engineering portfolio creates tremendous value for really all manufacturing companies".

Both LMS International and LMS SAMTECH solutions are available on the PLM MarketPlace catalog: LMS Virtual.Lab Designer Acoustics, LMS Virtual.Lab Designer Fatigue, LMS Virtual.Lab Designer Motion, LMS Virtual.Lab Designer Structure and SAMTECH Samcef.

We wish LMS International and LMS SAMTECH a lot of success in their business!

The PLM MarketPlace Team
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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

When you go for a ride or try a vehicle at a car dealer’s before buying a brand new one, one of the most important parameter is the comfort provided by the seats. There is no more direct contact between people and the machine excepted through the seats. It is also the second thing you can appreciate (or not) after the look of the car. This is why car and car-seats manufacturer must do their utmost to provide the future driver and passengers with the best user experience.

Faurecia needs it, LMS provides it!

Faurecia is Europe leading automotive seating system manufacturer and one of the top three worldwide. The company had two projects on which they had to find an optimal solution. One of them requiring kinematic and load calculations to be performed on a seat height adjuster mechanism controlled by the driver/passenger using a pump lever with a low operating torque for easy actuation and the other one on rear-vehicle storage capacity.

The solutions came thanks to LMS's software LMS Virtual.Lab Motion in which you can simulate the realistic motion and loads of mechanical systems. It permits design engineers to quickly analyze and optimize the real-world behavior of mechanical designs and to guarantee that they perform as expected, before committing to expensive physical prototype testing.

Design process improvement

On their first project Faurecia used the software to create a virtual model of the mechanism by importing data from CAD. LMS Virtual.Lab’s ability to represent non-permanent contact between parts - an important feature since contact plays a critical role in determining friction between so many moving parts. Modeling these contacts in LMS Virtual.Lab Motion lets seat engineers accurately predict normal and tangential forces on these components.

On the other project, Faurecia used LMS’ solutions to study the backrest fold-down capability to increase rear-vehicle storage capacity. Dynamic simulations were also used to study the real-life behavior of the car seat under actual passenger seating conditions. Currently under development, this "Easy Break" function relies on springs at the lever joints to help actuate the seat with minimal applied pressure.

1-2-3 model template for future designs

And that isn't all: thanks to LMS Virtual.Lab Motion, designers will gain a huge amount of time using this fold-down function. They will "just" have to enter key parameters into a simulation template instead of recreating models from scratch each time.

Now when you will seat on a car, you will probably ask yourself what's under it. Maybe you will talk about it to your car seller but I'm not sure they will help… So take advantage of this blogpost to ask your questions to LMS!

> Find out how LMS Virtual.Lab Motion can help you and discover the other solutions of LMS.
> Read the full LMS-Faurecia success story.


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