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Thursday, 19 September 2013

You remember our world premiere of the #IFWE Challenge last year and all the dreams submitted by more 500 people, right? Then, we have a good news: the #IFWE Challenge is back in 2013 and is waiting for YOU to share your world-changing dreams!! 

As soon as you've dreamt of something that will really change the way we live, share it with community on our blogs, Facebook, Twitter with a short sentence starting with… #IFWE! Pretty easy you see! This will entitle you for a chance to win prize values up to $12000, including a trip to Paris! 

All the details of the challenge, tips, access to our communities are available on our dedicated #IFWE Challenge page
Visit it and start sharing your dreams!

PS: if you still need some inspiration, click on the image below ;-)

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Monday, 11 June 2012

As you may have understood, we really believe in the benefits of social networks. Because Facebook, Twitter or YouTube are not all about fun but also business, we've been there for a while now. These channels offer a unique opportunity for us and our partners to show what we do and demonstrate the value brought by our respective solutions. Thanks to social networks, we have never been so close to our customers, offering the possibility to source their inputs and share our knowledge.

As of today, more than the half of the PLM MarketPlace Partners are present on YouTube, Facebook, you name it... Below you will find a list of their respective pages. We tried to make it as comprehensive as possible but we may have missed something, so don't hesitate to add your inputs in the comments!




Coastal Logic 







Geometric Ltd   






Theorem Solutions  



Today, corporate websites are not the unique source of information anymore. This is something we really have to bear in mind. Social networks are a huge source of information, knowledge and experience sharing. There is a lot of value in them. And, most important, we, the users, are at the centre of it. 

Are you active on our partners' social networks? Tell us what are the benefits to get from it! On the opposite, maybe you are part of the people who do not see the benefits of it, we'd be happy to know why!

This post aims at being the "official" page listing our Partners' social networks so bookmark it and visit it regularly since we really believe the list will get longer and longer over the time!

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Lots of innovations, products or tools we use everyday come from crazy ideas, dreams, visions,...

See: there is plenty of ice on the poles. On the opposite, needless to say there is huge lack of fresh water on the Sahara. So... why don't we carry some ice from the North Pole down to the Sahara? Crazy idea, right? Thanks to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform of Dassault Systèmes, Georges Mougin proved it was something possible to realize!

Now, this is YOUR turn! We want to know your dreams! Just share them using a sentence of less than 140 characters, starting by "#IFWE" and post it on Twitter or on the Dassault Systèmes Facebook fanpage.

To help you make your dream come true, we will reward the most innovative, ambitious and awesome ones with prize values up to 15.000USD! (This is how it works...).

Be inspired and... good luck!

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