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Friday, 13 September 2013

Determinant assembly has become more common due to advancements in engineering tools. However, the proper use and application of those tools is key to successfully reaping the benefits of determinant assembly processes. With well-organized dimensional engineering processes, aerospace manufacturers can use advanced three-dimensional simulation to first test and determine whether determinant assembly is the proper methodology.

Don Jasurda, vice president of sales at Dimensional Control Systems (DCS), will be presenting on “Dimensional Engineering for Determinant Assembly: Utilizing Dimensional Engineering Tools to Optimize Assembly Processes” at the SAE 2013 AeroTech Congress & Exhibition September 26 at 11:30 a.m. in Montreal, Canada.

By referring to case studies, Mr. Jasurda will demonstrate how key is determinant assembly in modern manufacturing processes. The presentation will emphasize on the benefits for the aerospace industry.

After the presentation, the DCS team will be present on booth 704 to answer your questions and provide you with personalized answers regarding determinant assembly.

The DCS team

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Thursday, 30 May 2013

In more or less three weeks from now will take place the 50th edition of the Paris Air Show (17-23 June 2013, Le Bourget - France). Our solutions and those from Dassault Systèmes partners are massively used within the aerospace and defense industry: aircraft manufacturers, MRO, cabin design, etc...

There's no doubt we can't miss this major event and Dassault Systèmes will be present to demonstrate the value of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. But we won't be alone since some of our partners will be part of the journey too!

Photo ©Paris Air Show

We really encourage you to pay them a visit between two aircraft demos!

- ESI Group (virtual prototyping): Hall 4 BC 126
- Noomeo (3D handheld scanners): Hall 4 G 136
- Optis (light analysis): Hall 4 AB 76
- Tata Technologies Mexico (3DS Business Partner): Hall 3 B 80

Also, have a look at the list of events during the professional days, there are many topics of interest for our industry (use of composites, electrical harness design,...).

We hope you have your tickets and will enjoy the show!

The PLM MarketPlace Team
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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Our long-term partner Dimensional Control Systems (DCS) will demonstrate the Closed-Loop Quality Solution for aerospace manufacturing at AeroDef Manufacturing 2013. The event will take place March 19-21, 2013 in California, USA and will focus on how to reduce costs, expedite production times and maintain manufacturing competitiveness in the Aerospace & Defense industry.

Just to remind you, DCS is a key partner from Dassault Systèmes in the field of quality assurance and variation analysis. Their software 3DCS is fully integrated in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. Moreover, and this is why DCS will exhibit at AeroDef Manufacturing 2013, the company has expertise as well as many customers in the industry such as Airbus, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman.

3DCS Variation Analyst for CATIA V5.

If you wish to see 3DCS in action and understand the kind of challenges it can help you meet, stop by DCS' booth (#740) and meet with Don Jasurda, VP of Sales and Rick Rots, Account Manager.

We hope you will enjoy the visit!

The DCS & PLM MarketPlace teams

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Monday, 05 March 2012

An international company and global leader in business aviation service has turned to 3D modeling of the plane’s interior to design, produce, and assemble Boeing B737 BBJ2 furnishings.

There were 2 steps to the project:

1. Conducting a full scan of the plane interior
A team of Creaform 3D scanning experts travelled to the client’s facilities in Germany, equipped with Handyscan 3D scanners, a Leica long-range scanner, MetraSCAN optical CMM 3D scanners with C-Track sensors and a MAXscan for the photogrammetry part. Once the data was acquired and compiled, the files were post-processed before being transferred to Creaform’s CAD Department in Lévis (Canada) for phase 2.

2. Creating 3D model files

Using CATIA V5 software, Creaform designers reconstructed the plane’s interior, including the various elements of the plane’s structure, such as floor beams and plates, frames, longerons, mechanisms, and various types of piping and wiring. Work was broken down into parts according to the plane’s sections. Using digital files, solid models of airplane elements were recreated. These solid models can be sectioned, and planes or surfaces can be built directly on top of them. For objects with continuous sections, solid models were generated either as an extruded section following a direction or as a scanned section following a trajectory. For non-continuous parts (e.g., in the case of certain mechanisms), the elements were broken down into basic pieces that could be redefined using simple geometric functions. Surface models were used to render some objects whose shapes were too complex. The surface models were then thickened to obtain solid models. In the case of this reconstruction, the degree of precision required enabled us to reuse reconstructed elements in different places, such as for the pulleys that guide the control cables.

Finally, all reconstruction files were assembled to produce a 3D model of a Boeing B737 interior, used by the aviation service company to design, produce, and assemble the plane’s interior furnishings to meet the needs of its demanding clientele.

Are you aware of similar projects (in the aerospace industry or not) using the same process? 

The Creaform Team

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Wednesday, 05 October 2011

We are delighted to announce the acquisition of Simulayt Limited, one of the leader companies in the domain of composite and advanced draping simulation. Simulayt Ltd is well known by the PLM MarketPlace community since the company joined the program three years ago now.

Simulayt's solutions are ones of the best sellers of the PLM MarketPlace. Advanced Fiber Modeler, Composites Link and Composites Modeler for Abaqus are widely used in the aerospace industry but also in the consumer goods or energy industries where the challenge is to minimize materials' weight while increasing their performance.

"Simulayt’s strong technical expertise is widely recognized and its manufacturability simulation technology is systematically winning in all benchmarks." says Dominique Florack, Senior EVP, Products, R&D, Dassault Systèmes.  

This acquisition is a win-win opportunity for both Dassault Systèmes and Simulayt. CATIA V5 & V6 users will now have the possibility to virtually design, experience, simulate and manufacture composite products in a single environment.
In the end, the aim is to offer our customers the possibility to take full advantage of the Simulayt integration into Dassault Systèmes simulation solutions.

Simulayt Advanced Fiber Modeler 

"As the only credible PLM vendor with a thorough understanding of the composites market and the most complete composites end-to-end solution, Dassault Systèmes was clearly a natural choice for us,” according to John Klintworth, CEO, Simulayt Limited.

We encourage you to pay a visit to our new colleagues from Simulayt, on the PLM MarketPlace and on their website. Discover what they do, how they solve major problems at our customers' and the perspectives offered by their solutions.

Don't hesitate to use the contact form should you need more information on Simulayt software.

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Friday, 15 July 2011

It's Summer time and many of you will fly around the globe to get some deserved holidays. At Dassault Systèmes, we are familiar with everything that flies and we'd like to share some success stories involving our Partners from the Aerospace & Defense industry. 

These success stories (and many other) can be found in the "Aerospace & Defense" special issue of ContactMag released a few weeks ago. 

Don't hesitate to click on the links belo to discover in depth all the features of our partner's solutions. Also, a complete list of the Resellers allowed to provide you with the PLM MarketPlace solutions can be found under the "Reseller" tab of the website.

Dassault Systèmes & Keonys help GECI International build the SK-105

The SK-105 has been designed to be versatile, economical, lightweight, rugged and powerful. Keonys, a 3DS Reseller member of the PLM Marketplace, assisted GECI International in implementing CATIA for integrated product design and ENOVIA for global collaborative innovation – to develop a complete digital model, simultaneously reflecting the progress of different versions and variations of the aircraft...

GKN Aerospace: saving time and improving collaboration thanks to 3DS, Magestic Systems and Simulayt

GKN Aerospace is a major Tier 1 aircraft parts supplier specializing in complex composite and metal parts and aircraft assemblies. The company has developed a leading-edge process that integrates CATIA, ENOVIA, DELMIA (including Intercim) and 3DVIA PLM solutions from Dassault Systèmes with software from CAA Partners Simulayt (Advanced Fiber Modeler, available on PLM MarketPlace) and Magestic Systems (TruNEST and TruLASERview, also available on PLM MarketPlace). 
Thanks to this combination, GKN Aerospace managed to reduce manufacturing engineering time by 50%.

Danielson Group: building tomorrow's propulsion system

Danielson has been developing innovative engine prototypes for more than 30 years. After five years of research, the Trident propulsion system was released, based on an innovative, fully-integrated diesel engine concept, to provide an optimum, customized solution for each Unmanned Aerial Vehicle system. Dassault Systèmes and Keonys delivered Danielson the right tools to achieve their design and simulation goals with CATIA, 3DVIA Composer and SIMULIA.

The majority of the PLM MarketPlace catalog offers solutions for the Aerospace & Defense industry. These solutions are offered by highly specialized partners who have the required knowledge and experience to help you develop the best products.

We invite you to come back next week on the PLM MarketPlace blog to discover more success stories involving our customers and partners!

Anthony Rosendo
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Monday, 20 June 2011

From June 20th to June 26th, the Paris Air Show takes place at Le Bourget airport, France. Aviation professionals as well as enthusiasts will have the opportunity discover the latest aircraft (Airbus A400M, Boeing B747-8,...) as well as the latest innovations in the industry in terms of materials, design, assembly process, simulation, etc...

No need to say that PLM has been contributing a lot to this industry over the past decades. You will not be surprised to know that some of our PLM MarketPlace partners are exhibiting at this 49th Paris Air Show:

- ESI Group (simulation), Hall 4 F162
- OPTIS (simulation), Hall 4 D18 and D94
- SAMTECH (simulation), Hall 2b G35
And, of course, Dassault Systèmes is in the place too, chalet B181. Don't hesitate to pay these folks a visit, they'll show you their latest technology and how they can help in the aerospace industry.

In case you ignore it, a significant part of the PLM MarketPlace catalog offers many solutions for the aerospace in various domains: manufacturing, simulation, mechanical design, shape design & styling,... Browse the catalog to know more!

It's time for us to head to Le Bourget, see you there! 

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Monday, 12 July 2010

FOKKER ELMO is one of the world largest providers of systems and wiring for the aerospace and defense industry. The company has developed a tool (WDMS - Wiring, Design and Manufacturing System) to handle the increased complexity of wiring harness design, development, integration, and production, which involves both control and process of an enormous amount of data. In 2009, FOKKER ELMO signed a contract with the Canadian aircraft manufacturer BOMBARDIER AEROSPACE to design and supply the electrical wiring Interconnection system for the new CSeries aircraft family.

Recently, FOKKER ELMO contracted ELSYS’s solutions to convert existing wiring system diagram and started new harness design add-on’s.

Both companies started two projects, combining their knowledges and expertises.

The first project was the implementation of an automatic retrieval and transfer of the existing PTC CADDS 5 schematics and data into the ELSYS’s ELECTRE software for electrical schematics.

Then, in the frame of the CSeries project, FOKKER ELMO and ELSYS are setting up an application that will automatically generate wiring diagrams from both WDMS and external supplier’s data.

For more information please visit and


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Wednesday, 07 July 2010

GKN Aerospace, a Tier One supplier to the global aviation industry, sought to eliminate the time-consuming process of troubleshooting composite lay-ups on the shop floor and avoid data translation concerns.
Leveraging Dassault Systèmes PLM solutions, the company reduced manufacturing engineering time and greatly improved collaboration throughout the extended enterprise. In that process, Pertinence Suite from Intercim was chosen to ensure digital continuity from engineering to production. The solutions enable GKN Aerospace to electronically deliver planning and work instructions to the shop floor, monitor information, and generate activity and quality reports to tightly connect the physical world of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) with the virtual world of PLM.

A Picture Is Worth One Thousand Words

Powerpoint presentation and brochures are really important to understand what a product can do. But it’s not always enough. The best way to understand something is to talk with someone who will explain all the features you have to know. A few weeks ago Intercim made a webinar about composite manufacturing and they had the great idea to record it. Everybody can now access to this webinar and see what Pertinence Suite can do.

Watch the recorded Webinar, « Operational Excellence for Composite Manufacturing »

As the chinese proverb says “A Picture Is Worth One Thousand Words”, here is a video about Intercim that is worth watching if you want to have an overall idea of what these guys do, in just 4 mins.

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Wednesday, 07 April 2010

Intercim LLC, a global leader in Manufacturing Operations Management and Operations Intelligence software, congratulates The Boeing Company and the 787 Program team for the successful test flights of the first four most advanced aircraft in the industry. Intercim thanks The Boeing Company for the opportunity of being a partner on such a unique program.

The partnership between The Boeing Company and Intercim started in 2004. At that time, Boeing chose Intercim’s Pertinence Suite powered by Velocity® as a key component of the transformational manufacturing system processes defined for the 787 program. Building an airplane is an extremely complex and highly regulated process and Boeing was looking for a solution offering flexibility and scalability. The flexibility needed to be in how the company would handle reports and also gather data. In addition, Boeing wanted a scalable solution to keep pace with the growth of the program. Intercim was selected based on its ability to support these goals.

The first flight of the Boeing B787 on 2009-12-15

Today, Pertinence Suite in the 787’s Final Assembly is an important part of the Boeing toolkit that ensures materials and tools are accounted for throughout the process and installed according to the documented plans. On the shop floor, mechanics are equipped with a tablet PC and any information is available through the wireless device for real- time visibility on the production process of the airplane. The Pertinence Suite is helping Boeing’s partners and suppliers around the globe stay on track.

Pertinence Suite helps Boeing maintain a critical communication link with its worldwide supplier base. The solution supports the program with a real time and paperless process that improves production visibility. John Todd, Intercim CEO, concludes, “The extensive use of composite materials, a global network of component and subassembly manufacturing partners makes this aircraft truly unique; Intercim is proud to support the Boeing 787 team and to be part of this program. Our congratulations to The Boeing Company!

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Friday, 26 February 2010

ELSYS serves top companies from aerospace, automotive, rail and manufacturing industries. Their applications are designed for industries which develop products combining mechanical and electrical technologies and require specialized diagram, bundle and harness design and wiring applications.

Air France Industries core business has always been the maintenance or modification of aircraft, being civil or military. For some years now, Air France Industries has been developing competency in aircraft design, leading to the improvement of passengers & crews comfort and also the avionics. In those areas, they faced some electrical systems related challenges. In this field, thanks to ELSYS and Dassault Systèmes, Air France Industries is now fully able to meet their customers' expectations.

The challenges

• Reduce aircraft down time.
• Keep to the standards and environments of every aircraft manufacturer.
• Harmonize designs around a consistent set of electrical design and management tools.
• Manage the product life cycle from end to end and ensure traceability.

How ELSYS made things happen

The initial solution chosen by Air France Industries is based on ELECTRE for wiring diagram studies, SMARTELECTRE for the management of electrical data in SMARTEAM, and CATELECTRE for integration with CATIA.

By doing so, Air France engineers can accommodate the maintenance, modification and design requirements of aircraft systems and specific features (seat layout, galleys, toilets, passenger entertainment, etc.) while improving aircraft down times. These solutions make it easier and simpler for Air France Industries to satisfy the special requirements of aeronautical engineering, such as:
- ATA standards (Airbus and Boeing), when modifying and creating electrical engineering documents,
- Specific documentation requirements in connection with configuration management,
- Simple, transparent management of electrical parts lists, however complex, in SmarTeam.

The customer's voice

The ELECTRE solution that has been implemented saves us an enormous amount of time and totally meets the manufacturers’ standards. It covers almost 100 % of our requirements…The complementary of the electrical CAD products from ELSYS and the data management products from Dassault Systèmes is excellent. With the SMARTELECTRE integration platform, it means we can manage the life cycle of electrical products from end to end. This advanced solution makes a major contribution to our 100 % quality objective… I have great confidence in ELSYS - they’re very honest people. They are proactive, customer-focused and always find the solution. With them you can say that it’s possible, it’s quick and it’s not expensive! CGM Import-Export is a prime example of this.

Frédéric Speyer, IT Project Manager, EDP Support,
AIR France Industries, Roissy Charles de Gaulle

You can read more about the successful collaboration between ELSYS and Air France Industries and contact me.

Jéronimo FREITAS - Business Development ELSYS
Twitter: @jeronimofreitas

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Friday, 22 January 2010

Image courtesy of Traceparts

Airbus' planes fly into the sky thanks to a lot of people working hard to make it happen. For that they also work with 3D tools to study, create, test, etc. every single part of each plane. Airbus and its partners in French plants are working on CATIA V5 to design the tooling. "The tooling is made up of a large number of standard parts bought from supplier catalogues: fastenings, clamping and handling parts, bushings, cylinders, etc. and each site or sub-contractor was modeling parts it needed with a specific name and level of detail", says Laurent SENOT, a Dassault Data Services consultant who works with Airbus.

This being said, Airbus was looking for a solution to simplify this process and get a homogeneous library of components that would be used by each site and suppliers.

Traceparts brought the solution

Our partner Traceparts is a French provider who delivers standard parts library seamlessly integrated with CATIA V5. They were choosen by Airbus France, Airbus Spain and Airbus UK for its functionalities, its content and its ability to adapt its solution to their specific requirements.

Additionnally to the fact that they are the only one library developer to have the status of CAA V5 Software Partner, they were able to customize their software on a number of imperatives leading to a close collaboration.

Traceparts and Airbus are working on a brand new version, currently in a deployment phase that integrates notable developments such as the automatic replacement of instanced parts by other components and allow Airbus to build its own parts into the library.

Discover how Traceparts can work for you. Read the full success story.

Alexandre and the Traceparts Team

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Friday, 25 September 2009

Dear technology enthusiasts,
This Monday and Tuesday (September 28th-29th) is being held in Chicago the 2nd Composites World Expo.
Dassault Systemes is of course well represented, with a booth and several speaking slots. 
One of them, on Tuesday September 29th, is shared with the DS partner Intercim around the theme of Manufacturing Excellence for Composites.
We thought it would be interesting to look at what Intercim offers for Composite Manufacturers through a customer case.

In the wake of the all-new Boeing 787, the first airliner predominantly built from carbon composites, the entire industry is seeing a major shift of the demand.

To put things in perspective, let’s look at the market dynamics. The Industry is gradually transitioning from experimental and low volume productions to massive amounts .
The amount of carbon fibers consumed by the Industry is expected to double over the next 6 years. Are the manufacturers ready for that “bungee” jump?

Reducing costs of composite manufacturing processes while coping with production ramp-ups now becomes strategic. Let’s look at the case of EADS Composites Atlantic, and how difficult it can be to ramp up a composite production.

Wonder what it feels like not being able to deliver when the customer asks for more?

“In the fall of 2006, five years into a major contract for the biweekly delivery of ten types of products (leading edges, rudders...) to be used on aircraft manufacturing, we had slipped dangerously behind schedule in manufacturing and deliveries, up to 6 months late on one product in particular,” recalls Séverine Guitton, Head of Quality & Methods for Composites Atlantic Limited (CAL).
On the most heavily affected leading edge products, the scrap rate had reached 13% and rework hit 28%! However, there was absolutely no logic that could explain this highly irregular defect. All of the manufacturing parameters, constantly checked and rechecked, fit perfectly with the plans.

Once the INTERCIM solution for Composite Manufacturing (Pertinence Suite) was in place, workers began collecting 96 parameters at various stages of the  production process, for each new part that was manufactured. The “Rule Discovery” module from INTERCIM, a patented technology, quickly identified two totally unrelated and until then unsuspected characteristics as directly influencing the recurrent defects. “Rules Discovery enabled us to clearly establish specific rules regarding key parameters, far from any known scientific explanation and most strikingly in total contradiction to all of our intuitions,” underlines Séverine Guitton. Then the workers receive conditional notifications in real time during the execution with the INTERCIM Operations Advisor module, live on the shop floor. “By applying these rules to our normal operating procedures, we immediately reduced the scrap rate from 13% to zero and rework came down from 28% to less than 1%,” she continues.

Want to find out more on INTERCIM’s capabilities for Composite Manufacturers? Please visit

Does the Composites Atlantic example inspire you?
And what if that could apply to other industries as well?

Romain Lavault for Intercim and Jacques

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