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Monday, 17 January 2011

Golaem is a software company that focuses on populating 3D worlds with autonomous virtual humans. Golaem helps creators and engineers to bring life to their digital worlds by providing virtual humans integrated in their favorite platforms.

Based on state-of-the-art academic researches, Golaem technologies include real-time animation, navigation, and human behaviors, from single characters to functional crowds. Golaem offers a decisive progress to customers by combining those fundamentals of human behaviors into standalone products. Designed for digital entertainment and simulation, Golaem's products enable to streamline digital content creation and save valuable production time.

The 3DVIA Virtools integration:
• Brings most of the features and capabilities of the following Golaem software components
o Golaem Motion: motion playing, blending, mixing, retargeting and advanced control
o Golaem Path: navigation mesh automatic extraction, reactive navigation and 3D path finding
o Golaem Behavior Pack: composing basic behaviors using task operators, character navigation
• Enables the use of virtual humans without having to write a single line of code
• Can be used in web based applications

This will enable you to start quickly making human simulations in your 3DVIA Virtools applications. Check our YouTube channel to see how it works and the different use cases we are able to cover.

The Golaem Team

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Friday, 30 July 2010

This is more and more obvious: 3D is not only the future: it is still the present. We build cars in 3D, we watch movies in 3D, we design our living-room in 3D, etc… But why is it so successful? Maybe because people can easily translate visually what they think of and interact with their peers to share emotion, opinions, ideas,…
In parallel with the development of powerfull and easy-to-use 3D technologies such as 3dvia, social networks are more and more popular. People interact with each other on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn either on their computer and thanks to their iPhone for instance. Sharing ideas and sending messages “in 3D” has never been so easy.
Doing what we say
The aim of PLM MarketPlace is to deliver more value to our customers thanks to the cooperation between our Solutions Providers and our Value Added Resellers. In other words, we sell 3D solutions all day long. This is nice but not enough.
We now want to go a step ahead and build a kind of “PLM MarketPlace in 3D”. In the end, this is quiet logical for people promoting 3D technologies! This is why we have built a virtual showroom allowing people to discover the program in 3D! With your own-made avatar, you can walk through the scene, watch videos, read products data sheet and presentations, interact with other people visiting the scene at the same time, contact us, and much more!
Be our guest!
This PLM MarketPlace in 3D is available now, feel free to enter by following the instructions below. 

For those of you wanting to share the experience with customers, colleagues, partners,… you can share the link of the demo video as well.

This is a first step for us and we are looking after your comments, suggestions and ideas to improve the next scenes we are working on with our partners part of the PLM MarketPlace.
Feel free to share your feedback by leaving comments on this blogpost!

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